Influence of modern cartoons on the personality development of the child
  One of the objects of civilized life is the television. One of the tasks of television – to bring to view as many viewers. Typically, TV shows often aimed…

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How to build relationships with mother-in-law, knowing its type?
  Very often it happens that the daughter-in-law doesn't know how to build relationships with mother-in-law. Whatever ways she tried to "satisfy" her, she will always find a reason, as…

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How to grow flowers of life


Good day! Want to philosophize a bit. I invite you to take part. We often hear that children — the flowers of life . Me so close that expression that I just say my favorite blog — “the Flowers of life “. But have you ever thought about what is common between a parent and a florist? Seemingly so different callings. However, the florist, and the parent is given into the hands of a small seed from which they must be grown in one case, useful, beautiful and healthy plant, and a holistic, healthy and happy person in a different.

What it takes to grow a beautiful flower? The seed (process, petiole, onion), fertile soil, light, warmth, water, food, care, attention, care and love. Largely whether this list is different from what parents must give the child?

Two adults “sow the seed”. The seed develops and is born little man. Man, in whom there is a part of both parents, as in the flower, in it’s in his genes already incorporated information, what he would be — man, boy or girl, a brunette or a blonde. And everything else it needs to obtain after the birth: fertile ground — family, living conditions, clothing, toys, food, education, attention, care, love.

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Why does baby cry after birth


The first cry of a baby is the most awaited sound like for a new mom, and the doctor – neonatologist. By its intensity and saturation can judge how the baby is ready to come to our world.

The primary biological importance of this screaming-crying – to prevent separation of the mother and child in the first hours after birth. This is the main reason why the baby cries after birth.

For a newborn baby crying is the only way he can tell mom about your needs before gaining the power of speech. First cry baby – cry for the protection reaction of fear and discomfort when injected into a new, unfamiliar and not very friendly environment.

What is a child in the process, and in the first moments after birth, can be compared to the feeling a person suddenly fell through the ice: disorientation, cold, shortness of breath. Add to this the feeling of compression when passing through the birth canal, and all this, after 9 months in the usual warm and cozy “cabin”. That is why, in most modern maternity wards practice putting the child to the breast immediately after birth (in the case that there is no threat to the health of the baby and mother). The baby calms down, feeling the warmth of the native body, hearing the familiar sound Continue reading

Norwegian children answer in Russian and adopt the language of children from Russia, Open city

However, despite European tolerance, training is underway and not Arabic, not Urdu, and not even in English, but in Norwegian, and the fact that half of the students did not understand what the teacher says, very few people care about – a handful of children on a national basis, and while the black-haired children playing in the far corner in their toys or they pray to God, the blond carefully listen to the teacher. All this was arranged until, while in many Norwegian schools began to appear in Russian-speaking children.

Being racial Europeans, they naturally gravitate more to the Norwegian peers more than to Arabic. However, not all of them at the time of admission to school know the Norwegian language.

However, and Norwegian to their children six years is not so good command of the native language, since talking begin later Russians to four years they go in diapers with a pacifier in his mouth. And that’s when the question arises, what language they communicate, children accurately choose Russian, and after a week of stay in the class of Russian first-year teachers cease to understand not only aranciata, but also indigenous norvegica, and asked Continue reading