Samotsennostj dependent
  The intrinsic value. Love of self. Faith in yourself. Hope. Unconditional acceptance of yourself. Conditional self-acceptance. Conditional acceptance of yourself. Unconditional acceptance of yourself. Self-sufficiency and dependence. The intrinsic…

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Training of parent-child relationships as a component of psychological support for parents of gifted children - Psychology
  Today the problem of giftedness is important. Currently requires the formation of a personality, who is ready not only to live in modern society, but also actively influence the…

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I too will teach my son how to help people… If you survive”


Fedka is extremely affectionate, gentle and bright baby. He was tortured with pain, and he is afraid of the white robes. His body turns a huge knot under skin on chest. But the horror in it, but that it is something evil with difficult to treat and very fast growing. So fast that it threatens to crush the carotid artery, deform easy… to Save the boy can only doctor from Germany. but it takes almost 30 000 euros . Look into his eyes, please. Save his life…

Photo: Dergunov Fedor, 2 years. To save the boy can only doctor from Germany, but it takes almost 30 000 euros.

From the letter Fedina mom:

“Fedor just two years, but he’s already had two surgeries to remove the tumor, which did not produce results. Lymphangioma continued to grow. Now the tumor has grown so that squeezed light. The boy urgently needs a complex operation. The clinic MEDEM, lübeck, Germany, have special equipment, which involves surgical removal of the tumor with the least risk to life Fedi. Parents have already received a bill from the clinic. The kid was lucky. A survey paid for him Charity Foundation “Children of Earth”. But after the examination, the clinic will bill for surgery and treatment. According to preliminary data, Continue reading

How to keep the child after divorce


Children in a divorce

The issue of the residence of a minor child after divorce of parents is one of the most acute in divorce cases. Under the law, determining the place of residence of a child of separated parents should come to the common opinion and to Express it in the agreement. But this does not happen always, a large number of similar disputes settled by the courts. The court must consider the interests of children, the possibility for parents and desires and those of others.

Until recently, all these disputes by and large no point had. When stated in the legislation the equality of rights of both parents the majority of cases on the determination of the place of residence of the minor child after the divorce was decided in favor of the mother. And to prove anything there was no need, it was thought that raising children is too much for father’s burden, which take on it is possible in some extreme cases, only if there is no other option.

Basically when you divorce, the children remain under the court decision with his mother. Statistics show that in Russian families after a divorce, the children remain Continue reading

How to grow flowers of life


Good day! Want to philosophize a bit. I invite you to take part. We often hear that children — the flowers of life . Me so close that expression that I just say my favorite blog — “the Flowers of life “. But have you ever thought about what is common between a parent and a florist? Seemingly so different callings. However, the florist, and the parent is given into the hands of a small seed from which they must be grown in one case, useful, beautiful and healthy plant, and a holistic, healthy and happy person in a different.

What it takes to grow a beautiful flower? The seed (process, petiole, onion), fertile soil, light, warmth, water, food, care, attention, care and love. Largely whether this list is different from what parents must give the child?

Two adults “sow the seed”. The seed develops and is born little man. Man, in whom there is a part of both parents, as in the flower, in it’s in his genes already incorporated information, what he would be — man, boy or girl, a brunette or a blonde. And everything else it needs to obtain after the birth: fertile ground — family, living conditions, clothing, toys, food, education, attention, care, love.

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