How to build relationships with mother-in-law, knowing its type?
  Very often it happens that the daughter-in-law doesn't know how to build relationships with mother-in-law. Whatever ways she tried to "satisfy" her, she will always find a reason, as…

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The Child and the computer. Educational computer for children
  - Dear parents! A distinctive feature of the times in which we live, is the rapid penetration of information technologies into all spheres of life. Modern children often imitate…

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Socio-psychological mechanisms of communication: Communication creates a number of unique socio-psychological


Communication creates a number of unique social and psychological mechanisms through which is formed the social psyche.

Infection is a special method of exposure, a certain way of uniting large groups of people. The phenomenon of infection has diverse manifestations, such as dance, sports gambling, situatii panic, religious ecstasy, etc.

Infection is unconscious, spontaneous form of inclusion of the individual in certain mental States, as well as the total empathy of the mental state large group

people at the same time.

Contamination is the transfer of mental attitude, with a strong emotional charge, the intensity of feelings and passions. The basis of the occurrence of infection — emotional

the impact in terms of direct contact.

The source of infection is the carrier of the emotional charge the inductor. He passes the charge, which then is magnified in the interaction channels. Occurs

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Parental Divorce: what problems in children after the divorce?


In life some couples there comes a point when they realize that their relationship is over and the marriage has no future. According to statistics, the number of couples who had decided to divorce, at the beginning of the XXI century has increased several times.

Such an extreme step is most common among young couples aged 25 to 30 years. Many parents try to save the marriage to preserve the family for the child. However, according to psychologists, faced with such cases in different countries, such a decision is fundamentally wrong and eventually brings desired results. Experts are unanimous in the opinion that the child is more important to see their parents happy separately than how miserable they are together.

The state of children after parents ‘ divorce

It is in the family the child learns the world, looking for his own place in it, learns to love, understand, forgive and enjoy life. Therefore, the relationship of parents perceived them as an example to follow. Looking for their parents, children learn their model of behavior in difficult situations. Based on this, they will try to build their own relationship. Thus, family tear will inevitably affect the psychological state of the child after divorce. For him is primarily Continue reading

My child too aggressive


My child is too aggressive. Candid conversations with the psychologist parents: I Have a very aggressive child, I don’t know what to do with it, “My son fights and bites”, “My daughter is uncontrollable, aggressive”. Lately I often hear this phrase from your parents.

The word “aggression”, which a few years ago hardly found in the lexicon parents, now, thanks to the media, very common. What is it?

Children’s aggression is a normal phenomenon, which is associated with the psychological characteristics of each age. But parents, in order aggressiveness did not become a stable trait, we need to understand what happens to the child why he became aggressive.

What influences the development of aggression in children?

Primarily on the development of aggressive affects the family. If the family, especially the mother, the child does not receive enough attention. love and care, she will be different ways to attempt to obtain or kompensirovat.

Moreover, good deeds of the child, such parents take for granted. And aggressive actions react quickly and emotionally. And although it is the emotion of anger, resentment and annoyance, but still an emotion that is lacking in the child.

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