Error parenting
  What are the main mistakes of raising children? To the education of children must be approached correctly and responsibly. Why? It is in childhood lays certain psychological problems, the…

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Training of parent-child relationships as a component of psychological support for parents of gifted children - Psychology
  Today the problem of giftedness is important. Currently requires the formation of a personality, who is ready not only to live in modern society, but also actively influence the…

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Tips for parents


The health of your child, you play a very important role. Because you are decides what you eat in your family’s attitudes to Smoking and alcohol, how to communicate other people. The parents have the really big responsibility: they should care about the health of their children and to set a good example. Remember this continually and rejoice in the possibility of a beneficial effect on their children.

Being a parent is a big and multifaceted task.

A parent’s role is the role of man for life. The role of parents always develops together with the child. The ability to be a parent is born as a result of the relationship with the child.

Map the roles of the parents is an attempt to analyse the diverse roles of parents. This map helps to visualize the totality of all those roles, knowledge and skills of everyday life, which if necessary can each learn.

Map the roles of parents (five main functions of parents in the child’s life).

Parent – educator

The educator is a very important role in maintaining the everyday and normal family life, but also in the formation and development of the child various skills. From the point of view of the baby, the role of the educator is considered vital. Many additional roles teachers have a direct relationship with roles “setting limits” and “teacher of life”

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Live and work in the Czech Republic

to Begin with, many people there is sometimes a desire to move from their country, their city, where studied, the seemingly all – to some more prosperous, quiet, cozy Western country.

Immediately any ideas of where to throw their strength, energy and will begin to implement the plans. America is too far, Germany is difficult and impossible to get, even to the Germans with their exact laws and language, Denmark is too small for the Russian people, Italy is too noisy, so what to choose.

And, about a miracle, we recall that there is on earth a heavenly place on earth where there are castles, old galleries, princes, princesses, tasty food – CZECH Republic or CZECHOSLOVAKIA, as we know from the old movies.

Thus, the aim of almost selected, of course, the Czech Republic is a country located in Central Europe, in the Schengen space, included in the NATO Alliance with a professional army, the criminal situation is stable, quiet, supportive environment for medium-sized businesses and affordable real estate, and most importantly the Czech language, because it is similar to Russian! it means that we found a country where we want to move, so we want change!

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