The Role of the family in nurturing the skills of cultural behavior children
  The ability to behave in society is very important for the occurrence of the child in this society. Folk wisdom says: "clothes make the man". And it concerns not…

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Why conflict mother and adult daughter - a man and a woman
  Adult daughters often live in conflict with the mother. One of them owns it, and says so explicitly, complains to her friends. And some prefer to keep silent and…

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The Duty of adults to include parents


Family law on the protection of disabled parents indicates the obligation of adult children to care for their infirm parents the threshold set by article 51 of the Constitution of Ukraine. More detail of this provision is regulated by the family legislation.

Thus, according to article 172 of the family code of Ukraine, the child, adult daughter, son, have a duty to care for their parents, to care and to help them. It is important that the duty to care for their parents, whether divorced or married, can be relied on to children (minors or juveniles) and adult son, daughter. Adult daughter, son have the right to seek protection of rights and interests of the disabled, infirm parents, as their legal representatives without special authorization.

Recovery of maintenance for parents

If adult daughter, son don’t care for their disabled, infirm parents, among them by the decision of the court may be recovered funds to cover the costs associated with providing such care.

A separate Institute (Chapter 17 of the civil code of Ukraine) the law establishes the obligation of adult daughters, a son to parents contain and regulate the performance of this duty.

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Child listens to his parents what to do, the reasons


The sun rolled into the sunset, and peas with a dry crack all bounced and bounced off the wall and with a dispassionate clatter clattered to the floor… No, I’m fine! Just wanted to find even a drop of humor in the dismal picture illustration of one of the most famous maternal sayings: “like talking to the wall”. That’s only fair, had to sigh about their child? Had! Probably every mother at least once in his life uttered the phrase, in the hearts or as a result of fruitless thought. Why our children can’t hear us, don’t want to listen?

And really – why? This question is asked moms of kids of different ages. Sometimes a simple and clear answer lies on the surface. It may well be that small (or even not so little) stubborn is not stubborn, but just can’t hear us literally, physically, although the hearing had everything in order. Why? This is not a complete list of options. And ridiculously simple methods of solving the situation.

“Happy hours are not watching!”

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All parents dream that their children were good, they were happy, and most parents are aware that children must carefully educate. However, many parents do not know how practically to take the case and proceed to the education of their children in a timely manner. The special challenge of parenting is that painful for parents and children mistakes sometimes become visible only after many years.

One of the common mistakes of parents is the lack of understanding of the need for education of habits. Let us understand what is a habit? When it arises? What are the ways of forming new habits? How to root encountered in children bad habits?

The first habit (need, desire to perform certain actions) arise in early childhood. Habit often occurs on the basis of one or another skill, the skill is like paving the way habit, and enhances its appearance. If the child has learned fluent and accurate reading, he may acquire the habit of regularly reading books, and in older age to follow the new fiction. Learning to wield a needle, iron, child easier will develop a habit to keep track of their clothing, to be always neat and clean.

On the other hand, many bad habits arise from incorrectly secured or bad is a learned skill. For example, it creates a habit incorrectly keep a spoon or fork a child who has not been trained to use them.

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Training of parent-child relationships as a component of psychological support for parents of gifted children - Psychology
  Today the problem of giftedness is important. Currently requires the formation of a personality, who is ready not only to live in modern society, but also actively influence the…


1. The citizenship of children. The legal status of the child is determined by his nationality. So you need to figure out how to determine in the Russian Federation citizenship…

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