Error parenting
  What are the main mistakes of raising children? To the education of children must be approached correctly and responsibly. Why? It is in childhood lays certain psychological problems, the…

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How to start a relationship with the opposite sex?
  What is the secret of building good sustainable home? The secret is in the correct the beginning – the Foundation. A house without a basement in a couple of…

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The Education of children business


The theme of the business is sound in many families. How to organize teaching children business? Does the business through the eyes of children and our concept of it? Which option of inclusion and teaching children to choose a business: to lead, gently or to provide freedom of choice?

Often, passionately doing what they love and getting paid from this occupation moral and material satisfaction, so we want to quickly attach to it our baby.

And the older our child, the more we try to do it. How do us parents not to break the thin line of understanding and not to alienate the child not only from business but also from yourself? Family dynasty in any business, and online business in particular — it’s wonderful.

How do they appear? What method would work best: actively lead, gently to engage the family business or to give the child the freedom of choice?

Analyzing the formation of some family dynasties (athletes, musicians, businessmen), my conclusion is that children follow in the footsteps of those parents who were professionals, with love doing them and they are excellent teachers. Educate — from vos and nourish: Continue reading



All parents dream that their children were good, they were happy, and most parents are aware that children must carefully educate. However, many parents do not know how practically to take the case and proceed to the education of their children in a timely manner. The special challenge of parenting is that painful for parents and children mistakes sometimes become visible only after many years.

One of the common mistakes of parents is the lack of understanding of the need for education of habits. Let us understand what is a habit? When it arises? What are the ways of forming new habits? How to root encountered in children bad habits?

The first habit (need, desire to perform certain actions) arise in early childhood. Habit often occurs on the basis of one or another skill, the skill is like paving the way habit, and enhances its appearance. If the child has learned fluent and accurate reading, he may acquire the habit of regularly reading books, and in older age to follow the new fiction. Learning to wield a needle, iron, child easier will develop a habit to keep track of their clothing, to be always neat and clean.

On the other hand, many bad habits arise from incorrectly secured or bad is a learned skill. For example, it creates a habit incorrectly keep a spoon or fork a child who has not been trained to use them.

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Parental Divorce: what problems in children after the divorce?


In life some couples there comes a point when they realize that their relationship is over and the marriage has no future. According to statistics, the number of couples who had decided to divorce, at the beginning of the XXI century has increased several times.

Such an extreme step is most common among young couples aged 25 to 30 years. Many parents try to save the marriage to preserve the family for the child. However, according to psychologists, faced with such cases in different countries, such a decision is fundamentally wrong and eventually brings desired results. Experts are unanimous in the opinion that the child is more important to see their parents happy separately than how miserable they are together.

The state of children after parents ‘ divorce

It is in the family the child learns the world, looking for his own place in it, learns to love, understand, forgive and enjoy life. Therefore, the relationship of parents perceived them as an example to follow. Looking for their parents, children learn their model of behavior in difficult situations. Based on this, they will try to build their own relationship. Thus, family tear will inevitably affect the psychological state of the child after divorce. For him is primarily Continue reading

The Work of the family club "Sudarushka" on "aw, dad"!
Job family club "Sudarushka" on "aw, dad"! Presenter: the Windows blue dark evening, And you came to us to rest at this hour. Let mom straightened her shoulders, Let the…


Socio-psychological mechanisms of communication: Communication creates a number of unique socio-psychological
  Communication creates a number of unique social and psychological mechanisms through which is formed the social psyche. Infection is a special method of exposure, a certain way of uniting…

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