Physical education MT DOET
  1. During adolescence, children begin to appreciate the lives of their parents. Teenagers, especially girls, discuss the behavior, actions, appearance, moms and dads, teachers, friends. And constantly compare. At…

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How to keep the child after divorce
  Children in a divorce The issue of the residence of a minor child after divorce of parents is one of the most acute in divorce cases. Under the law,…

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The Work of the family club “Sudarushka” on “aw, dad”!

Job family club “Sudarushka” on “aw, dad”!

Presenter: the Windows blue dark evening,

And you came to us to rest at this hour.

Let mom straightened her shoulders,

Let the jokes and laughter will be heard here.

Today on the feast in front of us

Best dad holding the exam!

Only here, only for you holiday program in which you hear songs, poems, music, immerse yourself in the world of jokes, the sea games and competitions, and at the end of our program you will be a surprise. I will gladly introduce you to his assistant, with whom we will walk you through our wonderful evening.

Includes a girl. Welcome to Olga.

For a start, we with you a little conversation about our dads. Let’s look at them through the eyes of children. Olga, what do you think, how to be a dad? There is a saying: “the Mouth of Babes the truth.” So let’s hear it, what can we say about their dads children.


1. In our house the holiday. Soon to come visit. Mom with one hand prepares a holiday dinner, the second one in the bathroom. You and your sister helping her as best I can. What makes your dad? (children’s responses)

2. Mom’s holiday. Night is falling. You’ve been congratulated mom, gave her a gift, kissed. Are you looking forward to work with dad. The bell rings and on the threshold of your dad. What happens next?

3. Sunday. Dad is watching football. Behind the Windows of a clear, Sunny day. You go to dad and ask, “So what, we’re going out?” That will answer your dad?

Moderator: Guys, what do you think of the Pope were ever as small as you? Went to kindergarten? (the answers guys).

When father

Young as I am,

And let ships

Swim along the stream.

About what you were when you were from one to five years, tell the Pope themselves.


Moderator: How many interesting things we learned about our dads, let’s sing for them a song about how we love them all.

Song: “About dad” (athletes are).

Presenter: now it is time to get acquainted with our participants. Who will fight for the title of “Dad is Superman”. (Pope called name. Select the jury).

Presenter: Listen to the first task of our competition. Early morning, the wife went to work, my daughter woke up, got dressed and left to pick up the robe, to collect my daughter (son) and take in the d/garden. Ready, go!

1st contest: “Clothe a child”.

Olga: While the jury sums up the results of this job, the girls will maintain their beautiful dance dad. ( A dance. )

Moderator: let’s Give a word to the jury. Listen to the first results. (Jury announces points)


It’s great to be able

Sow bread and a song to sing,

Stack mix, wood to chop

A row of pure weed.

To make a table or bed,

The house in order to contain.

So, dear dad of daughters, sons you have collected, you now need to feed them.

Olga: Yes, hard to have our dads, if mom’s not home. And now the guys will sing ditties.


1. As my dad don’t like it when I came home I immediately washed the floor in the hallway, fiddled with the kids.

2. And cook in the kitchen began, and the dog walked… Mom watch the Mexican TV series!

3. Dad helped our neighbor to do in the bathroom repairs, it was mom calling for dinner – lost – where is he!

4. Visible. Hard into the wall to hammer nails, and with a pillow in the arms he immediately went to sleep.

5. We sang ditties. Let them be little. So what. Dads are different, and not all will paroase.

6. Dad needs daughter and son, dad’s need for family. Pope everything you need, may they live!

(The contest results)

Presenter: Daughter ( son), fed, W/garden took themselves off to work. Bother you to fame. Now verify your training. In any case we need a quick response. Intelligence. In this competition have the opportunity to score a lot of points so as to answer for the opponent. If he doesn’t respond. I will come in turn to each to you and say start any Proverbs. You have to finish the proverb.

3rd contest: “Proverbs”.

For example: the Word is not a Sparrow, fly – catch.

1) Know the cat………whose meat is eaten.

2) I Love to ride…… love and sleigh to haul.

3) Every cricket…. know your hearth.

4) easily….will not pull out and fish from the pond.

5) birds of a feather…..sees from afar.

6) look before you leap…..once wipe.

7) murder… can not hide.

8) On another loaf…mouth did not open.

Olya: Support the morale of our dad merry dance.

Dance: The Fence.

(The word jury)

Presenter: Quickly time flies. The working day ended. You returned home. And at home in your child’s visiting friends. They didn’t know what to do. They need to entertain. Games and competitions to make Yes your strength and agility show.

So, we suggest you dear Pope the following tasks:

4th contest

1. A push – who is the greatest?

2. Squat with a child on his shoulders – who is the greatest?

Olga: All dads were tested on strength and agility. We are honored to accept them into the team on our ship.

Moderator: the Word of the jury. What a noise there at the door? (Part of Basilio’s cat and Alice Fox).

Moderator: why are you here? We have a competition, “Daddy is Superman.” You should not be here. You don’t have children, you’re not able to educate well, but you have to teach to beg, Yes good people cheat.

Alice: How is it not children. And Pinocchio? He is our foster son. We are so well brought up, however, Basilio?

Basilio: the Truth Alice! Only that you raised, not me, that’s why he’s so stupid.

Alice: – do not ramble! And now eyes you’ll scratch! (begin to argue and swear).

Moderator: wait, wait, what are you doing? Enough to swear. Let’s better our dads participate in the contest

5th contest: “draw a portrait of a child”.

You have a son Pinocchio, so let’s see who you will draw.

Presenter: And while the jury concludes, the children read poems R. Bykov’s “the Man”.

The jury

Moderator: Here we come to the last contest.

6th contest: homework


Moderator: Well. ends our night. In parting, we wish: to have fun from the soul, as your toddlers.

Olga: More childhood to remember with the kids to play.

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