How to keep the child after divorce
  Children in a divorce The issue of the residence of a minor child after divorce of parents is one of the most acute in divorce cases. Under the law,…

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1. The citizenship of children. The legal status of the child is determined by his nationality. So you need to figure out how to determine in the Russian Federation citizenship…

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The Child and the computer. Educational computer for children


– Dear parents! A distinctive feature of the times in which we live, is the rapid penetration of information technologies into all spheres of life. Modern children often imitate a favorite movie character or leading some popular TV shows. And does not cause already doubt that they can easily master the skills of working with various electronic computer novelties. But the main thing is that our children do not become addicted to “computer friend”, and valued living, emotional human interaction and aspired to it. During our meeting we will try together to understand: the computer is good or evil?

– Let’s think about what is a computer for your child? (asked of parents)

– You are absolutely right toy, unusual and attractive toy.

– In what feature of your computer? Now I will tell you about it.

The computer is an interactive tool.

The computer is a versatile toy that will change the assignment when changing programs.

PC – additional pedagogical tool for the development of the child.

Computer – mnogoperedelnyh didactic material.

As we can see, the computer is indeed a very unusual toy. But the question is: does he development of the preschool child or, on the contrary, holds it? There are both supporters and opponents of the application of computer activity in preschool children. What do you think: can and should a preschooler to communicate with the computer?

(Discussion of parents)

– Let’s try to identify all the “pros” and “cons” the impact of the computer on the development of a preschool child. And will arrange for this “computer ring”. Each lying on the table sheets marked with a certain property computer and computer games. The goal of each team to select and rely on them to try to convince members of the other teams in the truth of your opinions ( Annex 1 ) .

(Held the debate “Computer ring” )

– Now I will tell you that scientists have found a positive effect on the child’s computer.

The computer performs the function of creating uncertainty, models the problem situation, make it difficult, but it helps the child to remove these difficulties in the course of the game. All this makes computer games are an effective means of enhancing the creative possibilities of the child’s personality.

– Becoming the way of activities, the computer allows the child to realize this potential, which in traditional settings may not appear, for example, due to absence of a graphic pattern or stereotypical way.

The computer enhances the motivation of learning. This is due to the novelty, the ability to regulate the presentation of task difficulty, the active involvement of the child in the learning process. The computer gives the child the opportunity to try the mental strength, to demonstrate originality, to offer solutions without the risk of receiving a low performance evaluation, disapproval.

– The computer is able to be an effective means of child development. But it is very important, what is inside your computer, in which computer games our children play. And computer games are very different. Experts identify the following types:

Games like “kill them all”, in which the main character must defeat all the enemies, whoever they were.

Game-adventure, in which the hero as it passes through the pages of stories and novels. Basically they represent a situation in the form of a cartoon.

The strategic game in which you need to take decisions on the change of strategy of behaviour in the game.

Educational games that promote cognitive development of preschool children and encourage them to be independent and creative games.

Learning games that promote the assimilation of children’s reading skills, basic math concepts, etc.

Diagnostic tools used by experts to identify the level of children’s development of mental abilities, memory, attention, etc.

Graphic games related to drawing, design.

– Dear parents, please share your experience. In what computer games children play at home?

(Listen to the opinions of parents)

– And how difficult it is to properly choose a computer game for a child! There are so many! And every manufacturer says that his game is the best! But experts have developed requirements for a computer game for children of preschool age. Here they are:

In the game there should be textual information about the course and the rules of the game. Function explanation perform special characters or a signal that tells the child the consistency and correctness of actions.

Can be used individual letters and words written in letters larger than the traditional font of the computer.

The image on the screen must be sufficiently large, generalized, small and without distractions.

The pace of transformation should not be too rapid, and the number of solved games is regulated by the child.

In the training games are the correct answers are available to preschool children.

Desirable use of the system in scores.

Better if the program has a logical conclusion – built house painted figure.

But it is important not only to choose the right game. Need and right to organize play activities of the child with the computer. How long does your child spend on computer games? Do you think that this amount of time is sufficient? Maybe its too much? Or, conversely, not enough?

(Asked of parents)

– And I want to tell you about the rules that scientists recommend to follow when organizing play activities of children with the computer.

(Presented a checklist for parents. Annex 2 )

– Well, we were able to ensure that the wise use of the computer can become a useful tool for child development.

(Parents distributed a memo with the rules for children of preschool age on the computer.)

Appendix 1.


Causes a positive interest in technology.

Completely captures the mind of the child.

Develops creativity, imagination of a child.

Eliminates the fear of the child prior to the new technology.

Adversely affects the physical development of children.

Provokes the manifestation of children’s aggression, cruelty.

Allows you to develop the mind of a child.

Increases anxiety, nervousness, fear.

Cultivates the powers of observation, attention, concentration.

Reduces motor activity of children, promotes physical inactivity.

Allows you to gain new knowledge.

Impairs the vision of the child.

Develops elements of visual-figurative and logical thinking.

Appendix 2.

Reminder for parents:

The child can use the computer for no more than 15 minutes a day.

Better to play computer games in the first half of the day.

During the week the child can use the computer no more than three times.

The room in which he is working at the computer should be well lit.

Furniture (table and chair) in size should match the growth of the child.

The distance from the child’s eyes to the monitor should not exceed 60 cm.

In the process of kid games on the computer, you need to observe correct posture of the child.

After playing with the computer need to do exercises for the eyes.

Play activity with the computer you need to change in physical exercises or games.