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Travel with kids: fun, relaxed and comfortable


Most of us try to arrive at the airport in advance: first, no one wants to be late for your flight, and secondly, there will be time to wander through Duty Free or have a snack in the cafe while waiting for your flight, or maybe just to walk around the terminal or to watch the planes on the ramp waiting for their departure. And if an adult can easily find how to pass the time, and even with the benefit of themselves, what to do travelling children? They start to act up, because either tired, thirsty, eating or sleeping, or they are simply bored from doing nothing.

But not as bad, it appears. All saw the signs at the airport “mother and child”? Until recently, to my shame, I imagined the mother and child in room 2 at 1.5 with a changing table, trash can and sink. I somehow think that the majority thinks so, too. But what I saw at the capital airport “Domodedovo” has allowed me to take another look at travel with kids – travel with comfort.

For passengers travelling with children in the Moscow airport “Domodedovo” opened the mother and child Room, Children’s entertainment center, Children’s play room, located in the galleries of departure of domestic and international lines. Data services for passengers with children are free of charge. Services in the Room of mother and child and the Children’s entertainment center can get passengers with children under 8 years old. For children with disabilities services are available to 14 years.

01. To find a “mother and child” is easy: it is located on the second floor of the passenger terminal next to the store. toy 🙂 (before passport control)

• passport;

• birth certificate/passport of the child;

• exchange card (for pregnant women);

• certificate of contacts received from the pediatrician’s place of residence is not more than 3 days before departure or after examination of children duty medical station of the terminal.

02. At the entrance you will be met: the employee, the mother and child Room and paramedic

03. Next we pass through the small corridor

04. I sit down on a soft couch and saying: cleanliness – the guarantee of health


06. You can take the stroller rental, which is very handy if your baby is tired, and you didn’t take the stroller or have already passed it in the Luggage

07. Let’s get inside and see what’s there

08. And there are a lot of things – everyone will find something to their liking

09. Kids love to hide in the houses

10. You can go


16. The walls are embellished appropriately

17. Tired of playing? Then you can see the cartoons

18. For restless

By the way, from 8 to 20 hours daily with children involved experienced teachers-animators who involve children in the game and in accordance with a specially designed program hold various competitions and quizzes.

19. Your flight don’t miss the scoreboard departure there too

20. Did you miss me, have jumped, played and probably hungry and tired and may want to take a NAP? Then you and your children – in a nursing room

21. Then you and the kitchen with hot/cold drinking water, refrigerator and microwave, and beds, and dining tables – anything you need

22. Children private bathroom also comes with

23. The child can not only go to the toilet and wash your hands, and take a dip!

24. The mother and child looked – it’s time to move on

The maximum time that parents with children in the mother and child Room is 12 hours. Mode of operation – around the clock!

25. By the way, to find a mother and child Room in the terminal is not difficult – see the signs

26. Then go into the international departure area. Go through the passport control, security check and here it is happiness – Duty Free! But no! We are the kids, then follow the signs – Children’s playroom

Lack of pointers there – everything is easy to find.

27. It is situated on the second floor

28. Go up the escalator or the Elevator, and here it is

29. Games room equipped with everything necessary so that children and their parents could comfortably spend time waiting for a flight

30. As you’ve probably noticed, kids don’t even go inside

31. For those passengers who travel with comfort, in the business lounge also has a children’s playroom

32. Small but everything needed for children’s entertainment there is



35. Children to the right parents left

Honestly, I was very surprised when I entered the Room of mother and child, I never would have thought that there is not room for changing, and a full recreation area passengers with children.

Before we came to the airport with a small margin of time to complete all necessary pre-flight procedures and quietly go to the boarding gate so that the kids don’t yet understand – once and already on the plane. Now I know that you can safely arrive at the airport well in advance so as to miss the children. Even the delay in our travels with kids now doesn’t seem much of an issue.

Tell us whether you knew about these services, and who can use it already – please share your impressions in the comments.

Have a great holiday! Travel with kids without fear and with pleasure!

I thank the press service of the airport “Domodedovo” and personally Paul Bragin for organizing this event and assisting in photography.

Have a nice day!