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1. The citizenship of children. The legal status of the child is determined by his nationality. So you need to figure out how to determine in the Russian Federation citizenship…

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Live and work in the Czech Republic

to Begin with, many people there is sometimes a desire to move from their country, their city, where studied, the seemingly all – to some more prosperous, quiet, cozy Western country.

Immediately any ideas of where to throw their strength, energy and will begin to implement the plans. America is too far, Germany is difficult and impossible to get, even to the Germans with their exact laws and language, Denmark is too small for the Russian people, Italy is too noisy, so what to choose.

And, about a miracle, we recall that there is on earth a heavenly place on earth where there are castles, old galleries, princes, princesses, tasty food – CZECH Republic or CZECHOSLOVAKIA, as we know from the old movies.

Thus, the aim of almost selected, of course, the Czech Republic is a country located in Central Europe, in the Schengen space, included in the NATO Alliance with a professional army, the criminal situation is stable, quiet, supportive environment for medium-sized businesses and affordable real estate, and most importantly the Czech language, because it is similar to Russian! it means that we found a country where we want to move, so we want change!

About personal experience. We are an ordinary family, middle-aged, live in Prague and develop their own business in the Czech Republic. The decision to move to Europe has been brewing for a long time, for three years looked to the countries: Germany, France and England. Went on a tour of those countries and we liked it very much, I decided to start learning German language, as it seemed that Germany is what we needed – quiet, comfortable, lots of little shops that to grow your business is completely satisfied, and most importantly a lot of visitors from Russia, live there for years and would be very helpful communicating in their own language.

BUT, as a result of the collection of all documents at the initial stage, prepared documents using the advice and counsel of friends, it turned out that the German relationship with my wife – great-grandmother was German – not sufficient to move there..  Hands has temporarily dropped, and the idea of the “great migration” of his, we thought of a German family disappeared. But, still dreams to live a better, calmer, constantly agitated us, when viewing gear travel around Europe, our child patrastel and we decided to try their luck again..But in Eastern Europe – we chose the Czech Republic.

The idea of moving to the Czech Republic, originated by chance, through a friend who went to Prague almost every year, as it turned out they were setting up the company, got a visa and came up for renewal, we learned that in the Czech Republic it is possible to get permanent residency fairly easily, without high material costs and in a short time. Because in Europe we already went a few times, the decision to go to Czech Republic, just “intelligence” emerged almost immediately as soon as I got information from friends and phone numbers of the company, which register the company and will help with advice in the preparation of documents, we flew to the Czech Republic. I cannot Express the delight of his wife, when we winter in the snow-Voronezh arrived in ruzyně and breathed warm air, hovering in the winter days in Prague. )

Arrived at the hotel and on the way decided clearly we must live in the Czech Republic. The first 2 days walking around the city, Czech cuisine, we were struck by the abundance of servings, variety, friendly service and of course great beer. My wife, the beer never drank, still managed to appreciate the art of local brewers! We called the numbers you gave us are familiar, and were upset that these people don’t work because of the Christmas holidays of their children and they rest somewhere in the mountains.

I decided to act, no people, addresses and phone numbers..Bought a Russian newspaper and found that firms open here, almost every second Russian citizen, with a difference of provided services and their quality. We walked at least 5 firms, and – more than was in the newspaper ad, the higher the price of services. and decided to contact the firm that we have attracted some business approach, we felt their services..we paid $ 2000 and separately for registration and transfers for $ 600. Subsequently, we tried not to use the services of opener, as I tried to do a lot themselves and through friends who help us in unusual situations, I will note that if you would have met these wonderful people for a minute wouldn’t doubt their integrity, because of this honest approach to business has never seen. The guys are working smoothly, I live in the Czech Republic for more than 15 years, fluent in Czech and therefore, if you have any questions about the company or our real estate business we are always under the wing of reliable, nicoresti people that if and for some their service charge money, earning 200 percent. For what they are, thanks, advertise without their permission, is certainly not easy, but can recommend with a clear conscience. Not always make good recommendations service, but here boldly say, such people in our bourgeois world frankly a little! But this otstuplenie from the topic:)

On day 8, the day of our departure is at hand we had the Charter of the company and a set of documents for submission to the Czech Consulate, with the exception of the extract from the commercial court that the firm is registered, so we agreed that we will forward mail. Upon returning home to Voronezh, 10 days after we mail received this statement, actually a piece of paper with a round seal and called to the Czech Consulate in order to submit the documents. We were waiting for the visa 2 months exactly, and when I heard the answer to the question whether the response to our documents: – Yes, You have the visa. The delight and joy had no bounds, and immediately began to gather my thoughts, like what to take to the Czech Republic, tools, books, dishes, toys – as a result, the relocation of things cost us more than company registration, visa and first trip to Prague:)

A month after getting visa, we came to the Czech Republic – Prague. Stayed at the guest house, the foreign police, which included our district, where we had a residence permit us stamped with the registration and from us as foreigners do not need as much to the renewal of our visas. Helped to put the residence permit us firm, which we registrirovali firm. Generally this company people know and respect the employees, they have found their niche in the business, and we are pleased that we were not wrong with their selection in the first stage of our relocation to the Czech Republic, they helped us at first, practical tips, which we now want to share with You.

Further, through the newspaper appealed to Russian-speaking realtors and we rented a 3 room apartment in the area Hurka. Is Prague a rapidly growing area is considered to be Russian, because probably there were no entrances in the house wherever she lived Russian-speaking family. The first being paid at $ 500 / month for rent, lived on the money that we had as a strategic reserve, developed, studied the language. Visa issues we are not particularly interested, because of the renewal we had almost a year.

During 4 months of studying the language, was looking to lease a small shop. Idea for doing business at once began to take a clear shade, 4 months of doing nothing started to slowly get bored, and as head of the family, should have been on the warpath to conquer the local business.

The profile of the business decided not to change, once I’ve sold computers early in his career in his hometown, so why sell here local bagels, as is often done by our countrymen, and I make mistakes when coming here change their established business, and sometimes fail to achieve anything, not only unable to withstand the Vietnamese competition, throw your small business and go to work which is not always considered to be under employment law fair, if you work without a contract between a personal company.

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