Explanation of how to educate children at an early age
  Know that child rearing practices are among the most important cases, because the child is what is given on storage­addition to his parents, and his pure the heart is…

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How to cope with children's tears
Many women prefer to teach children mind shouting, prohibitions, even a spanking, being confident that their child will cease, at last, to misbehave. But, actually, such methods can hardly achieve…

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Error parenting


What are the main mistakes of raising children? To the education of children must be approached correctly and responsibly. Why? It is in childhood lays certain psychological problems, the solution of which will have to face an adult.There is even a nine commandments in the upbringing of the child, which is recommended by psychologists. But some parents believe that using the strongest cry you can teach your child something to do. But what happens when the kid sees an angry parent? He is very frightened, becomes uncertain. Cry better not to use, because the baby should grow up in constant fear. It is worth considering the fact that the kid whose parents for any reason fall into the Creek, already used to this behavior of the parents and may even try to provoke parental screaming.

Let’s save the crumbs from excessive attention of a stranger

Why a child is naughty. Baby tantrums are designed for the attention of the public. But if there is nobody to look at it – and we have no reason to cry. For example, if the baby starts unrestrained cry, then your best bet is just to leave the room to the toddler realized that tantrums show no one.

What are typical mistakes of raising a child? If You now unstable mood and you feel that You can yell at someone, just take a slow breath and calm down. Sometimes the baby is especially nothing wrong and did not, and my mother is very strong yells at him because she’s upset, tired or something else was the cause. That it was not – learn to manage your condition. For example, if the baby cries – let the mother take a long-forgotten book with pleasure and honor her until the baby calms down. The baby will feel Your calm and after a short period of time itself shall cease.

And how do you find a compromise ?

Various disputes about parenting based on the moment when the boy answers that he will not and does not want to perform. Could be: today we go for a walk provided that you collect cars scattered in the drawer. Well, if you don’t want to put things in order – we’ll stay inside. Use vitality, even if you hear painfully familiar children’s tears. Child should understand Your moral fortitude. Many of the arguments about the upbringing of the child relate to the physical punishment of the baby. To be honest, and scream, and from the impact of the educational goals for the child – zero. Incredibly strong impact of the issue of education of children, when the child is very hit – this leads to the emergence of incredible aggression and, of course, to the complexes. Mom needs to calm down, the kid did not suffer from strange Creek, or reaction to, in General, harmless action of the crumbs. Your child is naughty, rude and does not give you rest? So he just needs your psychological support!

How to get around the error of raising children?

Let’s think about the safety of the baby in advance. Sometimes we’re just very worried about his health or his life, and are afraid of everything. For example, if a kid walks in the Playground, and on it lies the broken glass, you should not yell at the kid. It’s not his fault. Just take a broom and remove the pad. In the end, the baby needs somewhere to walk. The same applies to certain objects in the house. Put outlet covers. Unplug the electrical appliances in the shield, shut off the gas valve. These little things will save Your nerves and the nerves of the baby too. Don’t need the crumbs to claim to be perfect. Be sure to help your child. But it is worth doing when the baby itself asks for help. Give your baby some personal space, he also sometimes wants to be alone. Not worth its excessive solicitude to smother the baby. Also avoid extensive monitoring in the life of a toddler. There are still some common pitfalls of child rearing? When the kid gets acquainted with the world he touches. Baby, you can show the work off of the appliance. Make sure you speak about the danger device. Tell your child that from such devices he needs to be away.

It is not necessary in the presence of crumbs to indulge in bad habits or to swear, and especially to make trouble. Believe me, in a child’s psyche appears all that has been seen in childhood.

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