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The Education of children business


The theme of the business is sound in many families. How to organize teaching children business? Does the business through the eyes of children and our concept of it? Which option of inclusion and teaching children to choose a business: to lead, gently or to provide freedom of choice?

Often, passionately doing what they love and getting paid from this occupation moral and material satisfaction, so we want to quickly attach to it our baby.

And the older our child, the more we try to do it. How do us parents not to break the thin line of understanding and not to alienate the child not only from business but also from yourself? Family dynasty in any business, and online business in particular — it’s wonderful.

How do they appear? What method would work best: actively lead, gently to engage the family business or to give the child the freedom of choice?

Analyzing the formation of some family dynasties (athletes, musicians, businessmen), my conclusion is that children follow in the footsteps of those parents who were professionals, with love doing them and they are excellent teachers. Educate — from vos and nourish: “drink”, to give a “boost.” A great teacher is a wise mentor.

You can draw an analogy with the cultivation of flowers or picking fruit. Will not water the flowers, they will wither. Will fill them every day – also disappears. «Children are flowers of our lives.» They require the same careful treatment.The same approach to picking apples, for example. Hastened to disrupt or shake the branch with unripe fruits, tasted sour, tasteless. Withstood the time, cared for the tree, and it has presented you a fragrant and delicious ripe apples.


Here’s the conclusion: do not press on the child. We are all different. We each have our own «maturity.» And in the issue of introducing children to the business. You need to give them the opportunity to understand «kitchen» business. And if they like it, they can become super professionals. Perhaps some of them will be just a “foodie”-the consumer. And maybe choose «menu».

Let your son or daughter reads the books You unobtrusive, ask him; you will look and then will discuss with you the movies that’ll make him change the Outlook. Together visit, and later spend a presentation of your company. (The same happened to me: it was necessary to conduct an online presentation, and in technical matters I “losers”. And it’s great that her daughter helped me deal with this.)

Use of family products of the company. Ask questions to Your child, and even better that they did it. Ask them the results of applying the products, analyze together. After all, everything is relative.


And in any case “do not push” on the child, on his preferences . Faced with such “ancient” approach parents-networkers, when the house under the great ban other products, and God forbid, another network company. One young girl secretly from his parents bought cosmetics, personal care, and mom bought Arsenal gathering dust on the shelves and occasionally just thrown away, not to hurt mom’s feelings.

And as a result conclusion: not only network! It is now no roll do not fetch. And the parents came to normal cheques; network – their COMELEC and basic income.

I am grateful to our parents for what at the time they wisely: never stopped us, not rebuked when in the 90’s we were in a turbulent swirl MLM . When our girls were little and grandparents they saw much more than us. Therefore, we do not “burn out” to a network, Vice versa. Although the “cones” then got more than gingerbread. Most importantly, we gained the experience. And now, not in words, but in fact understand that their mistakes learn exactly .

Enough if of wisdom for us now, when our children grew up? Frankly: no. Tick, while every day around us, “saturated brine SAT.” She’s interested in it, she sees it as a real opportunity to realize their potential. Moreover, the profession of psychologist involves a continuous communication with different types of people and it will not confuse the failure of which many are so afraid.

But the eldest daughter, Liza, thousands of miles from us, has lost many things in the understanding of all intricacies of MLM. And so we wanted to quickly see real prospects for the future…

It seemed to us that Lisa is the leader. She is a very sociable person. After graduating from law school, spending a month on the job search, I decided to try yourself in the role of sales representative.(Now this profession is very in demand and well paid.)

The results were excellent: prize, a gradual increase in wages. Her work has been satisfied and clients, and superiors. It would seem that these people created for MLM business… But…

Good thing we had “free rein.”

Let’s looking for himself, make his mistakes. Most importantly, our children need to feel that we love them that we believe in them. And that means they have only one thing: find a deal that is a lesson which will be for them a pleasure. And our task is to support them and if necessary to give parental advice.

By the way, MLM is unusual in that in this business, often family dynasty start children. Where else can you meet?

Dear fellow networkers. Primarily, we — attentive and loving parents (and young partners – children). And will be our family dynasty networkers or not – life will show. We know: the network business is for everyone but not everything for him .

A couple of days ago I saw the video that prompted me to write this post. I recommend to watch it.

And what method of teaching children business choose You: actively lead, accurately summarize or provide freedom of choice?

If You have something to say on this topic, write about it. I wish you understanding with your loved ones and, of course, good luck in business!

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