Norwegian children answer in Russian and adopt the language of children from Russia, Open city
However, despite European tolerance, training is underway and not Arabic, not Urdu, and not even in English, but in Norwegian, and the fact that half of the students did not…

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I too will teach my son how to help people... If you survive"
  Fedka is extremely affectionate, gentle and bright baby. He was tortured with pain, and he is afraid of the white robes. His body turns a huge knot under skin…

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What skills should your child in 3 years?


Congratulations, you survived the “terrible turning age three!” Let’s hope that you will have enough understanding and energy to enjoy what is ahead of you and your preschooler. Psychologists call the age of three years and the next few years, the “magic age” – in part because now, as if by magic, your child finally learned to listen to you, and partly because this time the rapid development of your child. What skills should a child in 3 years?

Child at 3 years – height and weight

At this age the child is not as active as before. And yet, in 3 years the girls are gaining weight from 13 kg to 16 kg 700 grams. Boys can weigh from 13, 7 kg to 16 kg 100 grams. If the child’s weight falls short of these figures or a little more, do not worry. Worse, if the child’s growth is irregular: in one month he is rapidly recovering, then just as quickly lose weight. Then you need to consult an endocrinologist.

The growth of the child in 3 years varies from 90 cm to 1 meter. The boys are growing slightly faster than girls.

The child in 3 years it is better to grow and develop, you need to respect their sleep and rest. 3 years old baby should not sleep less than 11 hours at night, went to bed no later than 21.00. NAPs still nobody cancelled: need to make this holiday not less than 1-1,5 hours.

Child at 3 years – speech development

If your child is not very talkative, most likely, the situation will change in the near future. At this age it is developing quite rapidly, and the child is only a month or two to catch up. Aged 3 to 4 years your child should be able to do the following.

Say your name and age

To pronounce from 250 to 500 words

To answer simple questions

To make proposals of five or six words and speak in complete sentences

To speak clearly

Telling simple fairy tales and stories

The child in 3 years: the development of thought processes

Your child is 3 years and begins to ask lots of questions. “Why is the sky blue? Why do birds have feathers?” Questions, questions and more questions! Although parents from time to time this can be annoying, ask questions for this age is completely normal. Therefore, age three to five is called the age of the world. In addition to the constant questions of “why?” your 3-year-old kid should be able to do the following.

Correctly name familiar colors

Play and fantasize more creatively than before

To perform three simple commands adults in a row

Remember the tales and songs and to tell the simplest of them

Love tales and songs, especially before bedtime

To understand Prime numbers and count to five

Sort objects by shape and color

Guess riddles that are age-appropriate

To recognize familiar people and children in the photographs

Motor skills of the child in 3 years

Motor skills of the child in 3 years and continue to develop actively. With 3 to 4 years your child should be able.

Climb up and down stairs, alternating feet – to go step by step

Kick the ball, throw the ball, catch it

To jump on one and two legs

Pretty confident to pedal and ride a tricycle

Stand on one foot up to five seconds

Go back and forth quite easily

Lean without falling in this

The motor skills of the child at 3 years old

Your child becomes more flexible, and his fine motor skills are improving. At this point its development the child should be able next.

Interested in colored books with large pictures and turn the pages in the book

Use age-appropriate scissors, cut the paper under the supervision of adults

To draw circles and squares

To draw a person with two to four body parts (head, hands, feet)

Write large letters

Build a tower of nine or more dice

To dress and undress without assistance

To screw and Unscrew the lid on the pot

To paint multiple colors

Child at 3 years – emotional and social development

Your 3 – year-old kid is becoming more independent physically and emotionally. He has less tantrums happen when you leave him with a babysitter or kindergarten.

Also, your 3 – year-old kid is becoming more social. Your child is now able to play and put up with their friends, to do something in turns, and can show simple skills solve their first children’s problems.

In 3 years your child should possess the following social skills.

To imitate their parents and friends

Show affection to familiar family and friends

To understand what is “mine” and “his / her”

Show a range of emotions, such as sadness, sorrow, anger, happiness, or boredom

In addition, you may notice that your child’s imagination develop. This can be both good and bad for you. Imagination and played by child performances become more interesting, but your child can also begin the exhibition unrealistic fears, such as the belief that the monster hiding in his closet.

The child in 3 years when there is a cause for concern?

All children grow and develop at their natural pace. Don’t worry if your child develops faster or slower. The main thing – as your child gets older to see real progress in its development. If you see. The delay in the development of your child still exists, contact your doctor.

Signs of developmental delay in three-year-olds include:

The inability to throw the ball, jump in place or ride a tricycle

Frequent falls and difficulty walking the stairs up and down

The inability to hold a pencil between the thumb and next two fingers; can’t draw a circle.

Can’t use a sentence with more than three words and incorrectly uses the pronouns “I” and “you”

The child Drools most often and have problems with speech

The child can’t lay down more than four cubes

A child without an adult can experience extreme anxiety

The child does not participate in the games and he doesn’t like to fantasize

The child in 3 years not playing with other children and does not respond to family members

The child has a big problem with self-control when he is angry or upset. He is often throwing tantrums

Does not understand simple commands adults

Avoids eye contact

I can’t bring myself to dress, sleep, and walk in closet

If the child is three years refuses to do what it did before, it can also be a sign of abnormal development. In time to help your child, contact your doctor.