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How to start a relationship with the opposite sex?


What is the secret of building good sustainable home? The secret is in the correct the beginning – the Foundation. A house without a basement in a couple of rain drops. Built the walls is not something to stand on, they will crack and start the movement. Alas, the moving wall is a bad thing for a good home.

As builders, we also must know the importance of the beginning of building relationships. At random the Foundation pour is not necessary, you must cedola themselves to decide what kind of relationship will build. Despite the desired relationship, it is very important to set a goal that you are pursuing.

When we consider the different relationships and how to incinnati, we define exactly what it means every interaction (if friendship, we are only talking about friendship here and no other senses do not play).

How to start to be friends?

“A friend is known in trouble” let’s take this phrase as the basis. Never try to become your friend and keep them. Do not impose your friendship because it would be similar to the prosecution and would be very annoying to your friend. Be yourself, live your life, but wonder about life and the person for whom you want to become a friend. If possible, help when UNEGO there will be difficulties. Not always you will be able to help, not everything in your power, novela support will not be superfluous. You can just call or SMS to send obodrite, and it is possible to divert some fun or just get drunk together…. Take your pick, you better know which is more successful.

Another tip: if you are a guy and want to be friends with a girl,that in no case do not act like her girlfriend, girls similarly – navedite themselves as the guys who is a friend of your friend.

The opposite sex is unrealistic to stay best friends for a long time. If both straight, then 100 times out of 100 the brink of friendship will be erased. Close friendship will slowly be transformed or sexual attraction or romantic feelings – passion. And then they or will they succumb to one of these feelings or slightly increase the distance in the relationship, keeping, thus, the friendship.

Before you begin building a friendly interaction between the sexes, you should be fully aware and understand what causes this friendship.

How to start a love relationship?

Loving relationships begin difficult. Usually everything happens for similar schemes:

Acquaintance – friendship – passion – love.

Dating – passion – love.

Dating – passion – sex – love.

Dating – sex – friendships – love.

Sex – Dating – love – love (it happens because of overabundance of chemistry inside the body at a party).

There are very different patterns, more complex and very confusing,where the stages from time to time may be repeated. Schemes different, but all can be correct. It depends on many factors:

Characters guy and girl.

The time and distance.

Status guy: schoolboy, student, working, son of a billionaire ♣. The status of girls is also important.

Friends, relatives.

Old ties.

As you can see, the relationship has always affected the world around you. If you want smooth to build a love of interaction, try a proven circuit.

To become a friend. As a friend gain the credibility and prove its reliability. Just be a friend and don’t need to imply anything.

How do you know that you have achieved sufficient friendship, in order to start a new relationship, crosses the line of friendship? Once your friend (girlfriend) will begin sharing with you not only joy, but also sadness, and so begins this journey of trust and reliability. If you can help and the time to expose your shoulder, then you can proceed to the following items:

– attentiveness


You should gradually to demonstrate these qualities to the person you want to build love.

Warning: Never proceed to the next step without reciprocity. You have to keep up on all stages.

The care and tenderness will fail you on stage passions – romantic feelings. Become more intriguing (to them) and amaze with his versatility. Romance will start smoothly and quietly, but with time, will begin to dial the brightness of feelings and emotions. Romance is the time for kisses and hugs. So her middle name is passion. Soft touch draws. The following steps are not planned, they are the result of your interactions. You will find one of these stages: sex, love, separation.

If your scheme will lead you to separation, then nakaka that point, you rushed it. There are two choices:

To leave;

A little to alter the scheme and maybe go one step back. But it will not back down, fight for your love!

Relationships are about communication. If you want to start a new relationship, wait for reciprocity, mutual desire.

How to start a romantic relationship?

If you fell in love, the romance in itself will come to you.She starts with her eyes, smile, touch, from which my heart beats. Romance or simply put – the passion is accompanied by an invincible attraction. You will be pulled to each other like never before. Time will fly fast when you are together. And another attraction pulls the exploits of lovers. Romance is evident not only in material values, but in semenovedeniju. Always need to be careful and sometimes to read the eyes. In the period of fascination you need to be a wizard (the good fairy) and a little psychic. Let us dream that can be saved and then to tell my grandchildren. Romance is the path to love, or intima, or both, do not skip this step!

How to start an intimate relationship?

Start intimate relationships – is the continuation of some existing relationships. Will be very well if sex will not be a love relationship, and to reinforce a love of interaction.

To start this relationship wisely. There are important things that matter in sex between a girl and a guy:

Your age

The age of the partner

When we talk about the age of partners, we do not mean that there are some standards. Your preference is your business. But! There is a very important “but”, when for sex with a minor you will be punished.

The appropriateness of sexual activity or the degree of closeness

On the next item, say a few words: if you are just friends, you shouldn’t be doing this.

The reason sex

The reason sex can be very different, but have sex only when you really want to plunge into this sea of feelings with your partner.

Knowledge of the consequences.

About the consequences of sex, I’m not going to tell you, it is well known, but only one you suggest: engage in sexual intercourse on their own, otherwise then all the relationships that are built will crack.

Start intimate relationships only when you are ready physically and mentally. If in doubt, don’t do it. This will be the correct construction of intimate relationships.

We wish you a safe friendship, love, and mind blowing sex. Build your relationship, work on them, improve them, and don’t lose the interaction.

Psychology and all of its essence, we will be willing to start a relationship with the opposite sex. We may have fears, but we should not go at them on occasion. Overcome barriers and get into the relationship slowly. Yesterday’s failure should not prevent tomorrow’s victories, and today is the day when you can feel sorry for yourself after failure, to gather new forces, to useabdominal, to get up and go. Never turn in on themselves. Man was not created to be alone, he needs friends, needs someone who’s going to love that can love and take care of it. And never don’t kid yourself, the people you need, they exist and are as real as you are, maybe you just haven’t met or haven’t noticed. Good luck in building relationships.

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