Tips for parents
  The health of your child, you play a very important role. Because you are decides what you eat in your family's attitudes to Smoking and alcohol, how to communicate…

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I too will teach my son how to help people... If you survive"
  Fedka is extremely affectionate, gentle and bright baby. He was tortured with pain, and he is afraid of the white robes. His body turns a huge knot under skin…

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Heroine Mother of 2, 5 cares about her son, whom the doctors gave no more than a year of life

“that day we took He to the hospital, but found nothing there, and we were sent home. The next morning we brought him to the hospital in a coma – he had a hemorrhage in the brain”, – says Oksana Kolesnikova . Artem’s mother.

Why healthy child suddenly fell ill, no one parents certainly not said. Voiced only diagnosis: “the effects of a brain hemorrhage with spastic tetraparesis, microcephaly and psychomotor retardation.”

Much later a “secret” Oksana said that the boy’s condition could deteriorate because of vaccination against hepatitis.

“We did two shots in the hospital, and everything was fine, and the third…”

150 seizures a day

In the court physicians on parents Artem was served. This, according to mom, had neither the strength nor the means, and mainly for the family at the time was the salvation of his son.

Two weeks the boy was in intensive care and then was transferred to the Department for premature babies. In the boy’s condition was not observed any positive changes, and my parents decided to take the kid to Minsk.

Photo: from family archive

“In the Minsk centre “Mother and child” we were advised to go to the nurse. I followed the direction, but we were told: “Why would you? Your child is fully disabled, you will deliver new”, – said the interlocutor.

In Minsk, the family still went. Treatment in Belarus tangible results did not bring, the family began searching for affordable medical institutions abroad. The most affordable option found in Moscow, where He was injected three times with donor stem cells. After the first visit to the clinic, the effect was noticeable, but the second and third and no results were given.

The boy slowly but surely was on the mend, as suddenly, went into convulsions:

“he had up to 150 seizures a day: he rolls his eyes, loss of breath, it just unscrewed. It was night and day, around the clock”.

From the drugs that are prescribed to the kid, he just got worse.

“I read the contraindications and there until death. We decided to abandon anticonvulsants and started to look for unconventional methods of treatment have gone on a diet, oxygen masks, herbal, brewed, find a homeopath. As a result, we’ve gotten cramps”, – said Oksana.

The program for six months

Now He’s two and a half years. The boy does not speak, can not walk. Only recently he learned to hold his head. After visiting the clinic in Moscow Oksana received a rehabilitation program for six months.

“Now we need to achieve a good self-coups, good seats and verticalcavity child, that was a good prop to his feet, he could keep his balance and stand with support.”

Now the family is raising money for a trip to the Institute for achievement of human potential in Italy.

“they Have developed a program, from nutrition and correction prior to the development of intellectual potential. We met with families from Brest who went there and realized that with the help of this center, the children can grow and develop. In Italy we want to start a reading program to teach your baby to read, and get permission to use a respiratory machine. In these kids poorly oxygenated brain, and this machine teaches kids to breathe, full light. I also want to get a full neurological assessment of the child, at what age in neurology. We will also give advice about diet Artemka”.

“I want Artem became a priest”

Far in the future while Oksana looks, but hopes that, through a course of rehabilitation will be able at least to improve the quality of life of her son: