Education punishment and education implications
  People say: "learn from mistakes". It seems easier, but it took a long time to the character of the child was formed on the principle of education through natural…

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How to grow flowers of life
  Good day! Want to philosophize a bit. I invite you to take part. We often hear that children — the flowers of life . Me so close that expression…

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Top 10 celebrities from dysfunctional families


The lives of many celebrities haven’t always been sweet. Before becoming a star was waiting for them on the difficult path of poverty, humiliation and difficult childhood. Look who of popular personalities as a kid growing up in a dysfunctional family.

Charlize Theron

One of the most beautiful Hollywood Actresses grew up in South Africa on his family’s farm. The father was seriously ill with alcoholism, in consequence of which not once raised a hand to his wife and little Charlize. At the age of 15, the actress witnessed, the mother shot her father in self-defense. In the future, Theron not once answered in an interview that her father died in a car accident.

Shania TWAIN

Canadian singer-songwriter grew up in the small town of Timmins in Ontario. All in the family had five children and they lived below the poverty line. At the age of eight, Shania began performing in local clubs and bars. To see a drunken audience every day a child was not easy, but with 11 years of her career has blossomed and she is almost independent family. At 22, her parents died in a car accident and she had to abandon a brilliant career and devote herself to raising four children. But later, the talent still made itself felt, and the star was noticed by the producers.

Dear father of actress left them when demi was still in the womb and she began to drink, even being pregnant. Stepfather was also an alcoholic with experience and therefore parents are constantly drunk without paying attention to the child, getting into debt and constantly moving from place to place. The girl’s life aggravated congenital strabismus. In 1980, the stepfather of actress committed suicide and 16-year-old demi was forced to leave school and earn money to cover the debts of the mother.

The father of Keanu Reeves left the family when the actor was three years old. His mother often traveled and changed men, only for childhood Keanu, she managed to change 4 husband. Because of this, Reeves and his sisters were raised by parents of the mother and the newborn. For five years he changed four schools, where he was constantly excluded, later he threw learns without receiving a high school diploma.

A prominent leader was the first of three children born out of wedlock her 18-year-old mother who left her children in the school. An elderly woman was the only real mother that knew Oprah. Childhood is one of the most influential women was held in terrible poverty, the child did not even know that such a shoes and dresses that she first got to visit the school in the first grade. When the girl was 9 years old she was raped by her 19-year-old cousin, and then sexually molested two relatives. Soon began Oprah to live with her mother in the ghetto. At 14, she became pregnant and bore a baby that died shortly after birth. After that incident, she moved in with her father and plunged into his studies.

Drew Barrymore

Drew’s parents were actors known more for its scandalous stories than roles. From an early age they took the girl to all kinds of parties, from-for what the future actress was 11 years addicted to alcohol and drugs. At 14, she tried to commit suicide, after which once again was treated in a rehabilitation clinic. After the exit drew disperse from their mother, who not long ago lived with his father and did not get along with her daughter.

The actor grew up in a broken home and spent his childhood on the move, because his mother had no permanent job. Despite the fact that sometimes mom was working in 4 shifts, pennies, which she earned was not enough for the maintenance of children. Actor time and again recalls the period of poverty and hunger, through which he earned present state hundreds of millions of dollars.

Pop Queen in childhood grew up in a very religious family. When her mother died, father married another woman who didn’t pay attention to six step-children, and for the most part was raised by two relatives. In the family are very careful with money, eating only processed food and did not wear new clothes. Madonna was subjected to harsh abuse two elder brothers-addicts, renovasi her to her father, and stepmother, she received only reproaches. In the end, after the school’s future star ran away from home and lived in new York in poverty working in dance bands.

Hilary Swank

Hilary was raised by a single mother. At school the girl suffered abuse other children because of their poverty. When Hilary was 15 years old, her mother finally lost his job and they lived in the car and rarely have friends. Since then, swank began an apprenticeship: for his first role, she received a mere pittance, but today the actress is estimated at $ 40 million.

Gerard Depardieu

Outstanding French actor was born in an ordinary peasant family, his father couldn’t even read and write. The family’s financial situation was not easy – in addition to Gerard had five children. Because of poverty, lack of focus and communication, the boy began to have problems with speech. Gerard stuttered and was a loner, and that later led to the fact that he dropped out and worked briefly as a typesetter at the local print shop, and soon took up Boxing. Being a minor he had been involved in criminal scams and put on record in the police. Accidentally Depardieu came to acting class, where he noticed his talent.