Accustom the child to the toilet – tips
  Good day, young parents! Today we will tell about the schooling of the child to the toilet and give practical advice. May you be happy, because most children are…

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How to raise of the son of man
  To educate the boy a real man is a responsible and difficult task. But if both parents will take an active part in the formation of a child in…

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Explanation of how to educate children at an early age


Know that child rearing practices are among the most important cases, because the child is what is given on storage­addition to his parents, and his pure the heart is a precious jewel, on which there are no images. It is possible to draw anything, and it can be persuaded to anything, and if the child will accustom to the good and will teach you how to do it, he will grow from this and be happy in both worlds, and his reward will share with him his parents and all those who taught and raised him. If you teach a child to evil and not to give it attention, if it is not a man but an animal, he will be unfortunate and will die, and the burden of sin for that Pont­Seth is the one who was obliged to follow him, because Allah Almighty said: “O you who believe! Protect yourselves and your families from og­nya…” (“Prohibition”, 6). No matter how hard the father to protect their child from the fire mi­RA, to protect him from the fire of the eternal world is still important. To­to fight this can be, if the father wants to bring up her re­a child, instilling in him a worthy moral qualities, both­Rega from his bad companions, accustomed to luxury and not revealing to him the love this life jewelry and sevastos­tion facilities, since this would lead to the fact that, growing up, he will spend all his life to achieve this, and in­dies forever, and therefore have the control necessary­must be done from the beginning.

To monitor the child needs in­to tread as soon as will begin to form his mind, a symptom of what are the first signs of shame. When the Rebbe­knock starts to hesitate and stop doing some things, it indicates the awakening of the mind, in turn which is the good news that his moral ka­the number came to harmony, and his heart was cleansed. Child, to­Tory already feels shame, we need to pay attention and help by bringing him a sense of shame and the ability to distinguish right from wrong. As for qualities, the first child wakes up in the greed for food, and trail­em teach him to ensure that he took food only right ru­coy, saying the words “in the name of Allah” /Bi-media-Llah/ took something that lies next to him, did not start there early­above others, did not look closely at the food or those who si­dit at the table, not in a hurry, well chewed, was missing one piece after another and does not stain hands and clothing. In addition, a child should learn to sometimes settle for the HLA­BOM, that he did not believe that the bread is always definitely there is only something else, and to instill in him an aversion to the drug­tion too much food with comparison­tion objigayusche with animals, disapproval in his presence­Wii such children who do this, and praises to the address to those who show moderation in eating. In addition, CH­ka should be introduced to ensure that he was sharing his food with others, less thought about food and was content with coarse food, whatever it was. In addition, boys track­et to inspire a love for clothes, made of silk, constantly explaining to them that such clothing is intended only for women, but men should consider wearing her shameful for themselves. If the boy will put on silk clothes, he did not­necessary to a censure and it shall be retained from contact with bad companions.

At some stage you need to focus on teaching child­ka, that he became acquainted with the Qur’an, the hadith and stories of the pious and the love of the righteous people crush his soul. When the child will begin to show signs blagona­tions and to perform meritorious deeds, it must of rewards­to gradate for it that will bring him joy, and praise him in front of other people, and if he once goes in despite of­Ki this is not necessary neither to notice nor to disclose this in front of other­gimi, especially in the case when the child tries to hide it, for the statement that he made, may result in that the child will grow bolder and will cease to be afraid of publicity. If he would do something like that again, he should Express­zit censure secretly, to try to make him believe that he has committed a serious offense, and say: “in No case, more than anything, for if people will know, you will swear at one another in front of them!”

However, it is not necessary every time to blame him too­MT long, as this may cause pariza­tion and making inappropriate will seem to him something minor, and the words will cease to have an impact on his heart. May the father always addresses him some­Lenno and blames it only occasionally; as for the mother, it must impress upon the child the fear of the father and to keep him from just inappropriate.

In addition, you must keep the child from all the things that occur to them secretly, because he wouldn’t lurk, if I didn’t think his action bad; when he was used to­no that keep it from similar things, to re­will to commit evil. A certain part of the day necess­but we need to get him to move and do some exercises, so they are not overcome by laziness.

In addition, should not be allowed to gloat in front of his friends something of what his own parents­Lee, or his food and clothing, accustoming them to show humility, respect and courtesy with each of those with whom he communicates. And it is necessary to forbid the child to select what-if­Bo from other children, explaining to him that elevates man what he gives and not what it takes, and what to take from other NCDs­Ko, because it behaves and the dog that wags its tail in anticipation of the piece have to give her. In short, re­the child should be instilled an aversion to the acquisition of gold and silver­RA and to warn him of this more often than children predeter­putting from snakes and Scorpions, for the disaster of the love of gold and lo­edge not only for children but for adults and even worse the harm that may inflict poison.

In addition, the child should hold a multitude of words, explaining to him that it is a sign of shamelessness and what is the quality characteristic of low people. And it shall be retained from oaths, regardless of whether they’re true JW­or are false, that he had not been accustomed to it since childhood. And it should be taught to listen carefully to all that is said­look older, as well as to show respect towards them. And it ought to keep from babbling, squamosa­tions, pronouncing curses and swearing, as well as communication with those who often says things like that because it can only come from bad companions, and the principal in the process of raising children is to prevent them with poor communication­mi comrades.

In addition, it is necessary to accustom the child to listen and UVA­to reap their parents, teachers, educators, as well as all relatives and strangers, older than him by age­Tu.

When the child is already well understood, not on­solati him to neglect the ablution and prayer. He should enjoin fasting on some days of Ramadan and teach him the necessary commandments of Shariah, instilling in him the fear of the in­rostom, eating forbidden, treachery, lies and all immoral; when he grows up, we can talk to him about it in more detail.