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How to raise of the son of man


To educate the boy a real man is a responsible and difficult task. But if both parents will take an active part in the formation of a child in the future will be proud of your son. There is an opinion that the boy should be brought up in austerity – only then it will grow strong and courageous. But psychologists have proven that excessive pressure and control form the child’s isolation, he becomes angry, anxious, insecure. You should not fall to the other extreme – all to indulge the kid to discourage him to the study and independence. Otherwise it will become too dependent on you and it will be difficult to defend your opinion. So you need to find a middle ground in the education of boys, he grew up to be responsible, reliable and noble man.

Respect the person in it

Your baby is still quite small, but it has its own interests and needs. You have to respect the child, to see him as a person. Try not to impose his son his opinion and problem solving, support his initiative, the desire to be independent. Own example teach your son to respect others, guarding their personal space. Remember that, despite their belonging to the strong floor, the boys are very sensitive to the cries, to punishments, they are easy to offend and hurt. So no need to overly criticize, put all sorts of restrictions and to punish. Give your child the opportunity to explore the world, learn to draw correct conclusions from the situation. This will make it more independent when choosing a solution, it will safely take responsibility for their words and actions.

Give love and affection

All children – whether boy or girl in need of affection, care, tenderness. So often hug, kiss her son and not worry about what he will grow up a sissy. On the contrary! You therefore model the relationship between a man and a woman based on trust, love and respect. Be sure that in the future it will help your son become a caring father and loving husband. The father also needs to Express his sincere love for his son, to take care of him and not be afraid to seem not very manly in the eyes of a child. According to psychologists, a close, trusting relationship of father and son from an early age is the key to their strong friendship for life.

Just be a woman

As is known, in the image of mother, her behavior, the boy formed an idea of what should be a real woman and how it must be treated. And if the mother plays a dominant role in the family, strict and unapproachable, then the baby will be hard to learn to empathize with women, to sympathize with them. So do not hesitate to show the boy his femininity, weakness, defenselessness. Give him a chance to prove themselves, to feel their importance. Your task is to teach my son not only to take care, but also happy to take care of a woman, support her, protect.

Learn to show your emotions

Boys, like girls, can be very painful, bad and sad. That’s only childhood they hear that “boys don’t cry!”, and so there is nothing else they can do, how to hide deep inside their feelings, worries and tears. But this is wrong because, suppressing their emotions, hide emotional pain, struggling to be independent, strong, the child may begin to hurt, to become nervous and unbalanced. And a grown man who is perfectly learned to hide their grief, it is sometimes difficult to Express and positive feelings.

To avoid such problems, parents at an early age to teach my son to recognize and correctly to Express their feelings. For example, you can tell the boy: “are You very angry?”. “You didn’t expect it would be like this and so disappointed, right?”, “You wanted to do everything right, but you have failed. And now you doubt yourself”, “I know how you hurt.”

Talk about your feelings, describe them, father can talk with my son about not only their emotions, but that can feel other men. Teach the boy to accept his feelings, to give them definition, not be afraid of your emotions. Teach the boy compassion, empathy, how you can show your support.

Trust your son

Taking care of the child, protecting and guiding him, don’t go overboard in his effort. Your continued care of the boy may be perceived as distrust of himself. He can think like this: “If my mom constantly tells me, adjusts, alters, so she thinks I don’t like this, as it should. So, my doubt, not trust. So to me something is wrong!”. At first the baby will be struggling to try to prove that he can, knows that he can do it! But if you will continue to over-nurture, the result is that the son will grow indecisive, insecure, dependent.

The boy needs “love is trust”, and then he will do everything possible so that you can be proud of. This booklet is a boy to be independent. Notice how dad interacts with his son that he lets him do and what is prohibited. You’ll notice that dad’s not worried and panicking because of a broken knees son, a more relaxed view of it and bruises. Dad supports intellectual curiosity, initiative son, helps to overcome difficulties, believing that his boy is up.

Nurture confidence

If the boy is confident in his abilities, he can achieve so much. This applies not only physical capabilities, but also attitudes “I can! I certainly can do it!”. Certainly, the physical development of the boy is very important – it needs to be sure that if necessary will be able to stand up for themselves, to protect the weaker. But it is equally important to give the child the idea that he has a strong Foundation, the pillar and support of his parents.

It is also important to teach the boy soberly assess their strength and to analyze the situation. Talk with your child read books, characters from movies, answer all his questions. Remember: each boy lives a thirst to be a hero, be different, make a feat. Nurture the son on the good examples, which shows the nobility and courage of the main character.

Do not skimp on the praise

When your child overcomes any obstacle, be sure to praise him! The boy is very important to look in the eyes of moms – real women! hero, small, but still a winner. So when your son, for example, opens the door for you, helps you to deliver a package of food, gives place in transport, always praise him and to underline that he acted like a real man. And when turning to the son, we often pronounce the word “boy” with such epithets as “courageous”, “brave”, “strong”, “patient”, “decisive”.

Surely you want to raise a man who will not be considered for humiliating himself to help the woman around the house. Therefore, allow your child to help you clean the apartment, wash the dishes. He sees and understands how you appreciate his help.