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How to grow flowers of life


Good day! Want to philosophize a bit. I invite you to take part. We often hear that children — the flowers of life . Me so close that expression that I just say my favorite blog — “the Flowers of life “. But have you ever thought about what is common between a parent and a florist? Seemingly so different callings. However, the florist, and the parent is given into the hands of a small seed from which they must be grown in one case, useful, beautiful and healthy plant, and a holistic, healthy and happy person in a different.

What it takes to grow a beautiful flower? The seed (process, petiole, onion), fertile soil, light, warmth, water, food, care, attention, care and love. Largely whether this list is different from what parents must give the child?

Two adults “sow the seed”. The seed develops and is born little man. Man, in whom there is a part of both parents, as in the flower, in it’s in his genes already incorporated information, what he would be — man, boy or girl, a brunette or a blonde. And everything else it needs to obtain after the birth: fertile ground — family, living conditions, clothing, toys, food, education, attention, care, love.

The main difference in these professions, in my opinion, that planting flowers, florist, in principle, has the right to be wrong. At best, he will bring a new variety of plant, the worst — will be able to start from the beginning. When we give birth to a child, we have no room for error! We will not be able, at all desire, to correct the errors of our upbringing. Of course, I mean a conscious and responsible parents.

How to cultivate a harmonious personality, healthy, and strong man? (Especially considering the original “imperfections” parents. Because parents and raised most likely the “wrong”).

The main “tab” of the Foundation of a happy future life occurs in early childhood. Psychologists restrict the period of three years of age worldwide. Although, in principle, children have very flexible to external impact, and some mistakes can “adjust” to adolescence.

What is so important to the child in early childhood, as the air plants? Of course, in the first place — a mother’s love! What is this magic power of the love between a mother and how it differs from his father’s? Mother love — is unconditional love . Mother loves his child as he is, just for what he is! This love gives man a sense of security, usefulness, uniqueness. He carries this love through life!

The following ingredient of a happy life of a child — the love of the father . Dear Pope! Do not dismiss children, hiding behind the work, challenges, entertainment, personal life. You really need your kids! In them — your piece. They — your continued. Love dad — it is not unconditional. But, thanks to her, a man looking for himself, his way. A father’s love helps and teaches you to set and achieve goals, helps to grow up and become responsible!

Education — another important step to adulthood. It gives support, the backbone around which a person builds his life! First and foremost, education — is to make the child independent. A parent is required to teach your child not only dress themselves or feed themselves, but also to take responsibility for their actions and words and to respect their parents. The child should be their responsibilities and worries. Adults should not protect him from labour and caring about others. We must educate not self-centered and lazy person and Person, person, sensitive, kind, caring, brave, able to fend for themselves.

Not less important for a child three years of age and older — collective life . The team in the toddler learning to build relationships with people, to communicate, to understand, to give in, stand your ground, argue. And this is also an important component of adult life.

The child should not be limited by rigid boundaries. Parents should be flexible. After all, to find myself and my favorite thing is to try to understand what you like and what not.

The main task of the parents, I think — to increase the child’s chances of a successful and happy life, seeds of confidence and success! After all, happier than a child at any age, the happier parents!

Happiness to you and your children!

I will be grateful to you if you click on the buttons of social networks and share with your friends! Thank you! I wish you good luck and good mood!

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