1. The citizenship of children. The legal status of the child is determined by his nationality. So you need to figure out how to determine in the Russian Federation citizenship…

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the Socio-legal protection of children from disadvantaged families
  Introduction 3 Chapter 1. Theoretical foundations of social protection and adaptation of children from disadvantaged families 6 1.1. The dysfunctional family as a factor of social disadaptation of children…

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Norwegian children answer in Russian and adopt the language of children from Russia, Open city

However, despite European tolerance, training is underway and not Arabic, not Urdu, and not even in English, but in Norwegian, and the fact that half of the students did not understand what the teacher says, very few people care about – a handful of children on a national basis, and while the black-haired children playing in the far corner in their toys or they pray to God, the blond carefully listen to the teacher. All this was arranged until, while in many Norwegian schools began to appear in Russian-speaking children.

Being racial Europeans, they naturally gravitate more to the Norwegian peers more than to Arabic. However, not all of them at the time of admission to school know the Norwegian language.

However, and Norwegian to their children six years is not so good command of the native language, since talking begin later Russians to four years they go in diapers with a pacifier in his mouth. And that’s when the question arises, what language they communicate, children accurately choose Russian, and after a week of stay in the class of Russian first-year teachers cease to understand not only aranciata, but also indigenous norvegica, and asked them questions begin to answer in Russian, honestly wondering why they don’t understand the teacher.

Of course, parents of Russian children are in school, accountable for the behavior of their child, but parents, saying a few words in Norwegian, switching to English in Norway knows almost everyone. Even more troubling is the situation in kindergartens where Norwegian children and say their first words. If in the preschool group will be at least one Russian child, Russian will speak to the whole group.

The phenomenon of taking over children the Russian language is recorded not only in schools and kindergartens in Norway, but also in Germany, Belgium, Canada and, of course, in Israel. Moreover, in Canada, in areas of mixed living of Quebecers and English Canadians Russian in groups of children often becomes the language of international communication of childrenat and gardenat.

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Vladimir Gorelov &nbsp #1 +10

That is how we will conquer the world.

Against nature not trample

reply Irina Konovalova &nbsp #3 +9

Good news. Even the mood has improved.

reply Irina Konovalova &nbsp #4 +1

By the way, why the emoticons are not reflected in the comments? I drew the sun.

reply VALENTIN POLYAKOV &nbsp #5 0

Maybe, in fact, the ancient language is the forefather of all European languages, so children are so easy to take on its modern variant?

reply VALENTIN POLYAKOV &nbsp #6 0

Answer. I advise you to find at the site stiege a mini-poem “Russian language” (author – Valentin Polyakov)…

Preferably would like to credit the original text, while the impression that duck.

Even a duck, but very pleased.

reply Vladimir Chernov &nbsp #9 +4

What do you want, if in Norway officially there are TWO Norwegian language, the so-called Bokmål and Nanosc. Yes another 4 million population 64 language dialect, some otlichautsya from each other as Russian and Western. But. The Norwegian is NOT yet ADMIT of compact residence of the “black-haired” immigrants. Why Russia should adopt.

It would be interesting to learn about the causes of this phenomenon, it is associated with the Russian language, linguists, psychologists, historians. Personally at me it is of great interest, because five years ago my little grandson who speak two languages, but mainly in Russian, hit the non-Russian kindergarten group. And after a while the children began to speak mostly in Russian- as are able of course.

Well now, to run in Europe and America kids-saboteurs, so to speak, agents of influence?Just have together with parents to maintain the language level, otherwise they Russian will forget.

Russian is mother tongue. No wonder the Sanskrit is very similar to Russian language.

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