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How to build relationships with mother-in-law, knowing its type?


Very often it happens that the daughter-in-law doesn’t know how to build relationships with mother-in-law. Whatever ways she tried to “satisfy” her, she will always find a reason, as she seems to complain about her daughter in law.

To learn to build relations with the mother of your spouse, avoiding sharp corners, you need to first define what nature had given her nature and what type of mother she is. And then revise your “willingness” and the desire to establish these relationships.

7 types of mother-in-laws

How to find a common language with mother-in-law “the Owner”? This is the most difficult of all possible the options below, because the chances to please mother in law like this in anything is virtually nil. It is, as a rule, a single mother, bringing up her child alone, without male support and attention from the stronger sex, so for this mother’s joy in her unsettled life is his own son, which she doesn’t want to see anyone.

Any future wife initially summons outright hostility. For her only son — it’s her private property. And the marriage of her child she sees as an encroachment on its treasure.

What you do in this situation?

The first option — wait for the time when the mother-in-law will change his position and stop harassing You, reconsider their attitude towards you. It is important that the husband supported you and did not take her side.

The second option — if your husband was a Mama’s boy. then you have to hope that one fine day You will be able to re-educate, and it will become, eventually, a Mature spouse.

What if the type of mother-in-law “Bossy”?

This mother-in-law are independent in making any decisions. She always decides everything for everybody. Know that your opinion is obviously already going to be wrong, because the right to vote, you do not have, and daring to Express it, you will be doomed to endless accusations, morality, lectures and orders.

What do you do in such a situation?

The first option — if you are flexible and accustomed to obey, we can find a way of establishing relations with the mother-in-law, especially if it approved you for the role of the wife of his son.

The second option — if you don’t tolerate any interference in their family and do not intend to bow to anyone, you tend to meet with your mother in law only in extreme cases.

Importantly avoid scandals, and it is better to take a neutral position from the point of view of an observer. Eventually you will be able to achieve what the mother in law will appreciate your persistence and endurance, since it is no secret that a strong personality is only with another strong personality.

How to build relationships, if the type of mother-in-law “Forever young”?

This mother-in-law all the time, cares about her appearance, giving her a lot of time and money. She maintains an active personal life, always neat and tidy and looks younger than his years. In this situation, the mother of your spouse will not oppose the marriage of her son with you, and will not interfere in the life of a young family. However, you may fear the role of the grandmother, because it will remind her of her age.

If you want to maintain good relations with the mother-in-law and not to spoil them in the future, do not forget to compliment her, not the exception, it may become flattery.

The establishment of relations with the mother-in-law a “Homebody”?

This mother-in-law — a sacrificial mother and dataupia grandmother. It will be easy in the sense that it immediately takes into his family and will treat You as their daughter. However, will be to actively interfere with the fact that you lived separately from her family, believing that her family and the family of her son — a single unit.

In this situation, you must prepare for frequent General home dinners, as well as perfect cleanliness in the house. Having this type of mother-in-law, you can shift a lot of their duties on it. But do not forget that while you may lose their independence, as will cease to understand where your personal desires, and where ” imposed by law.

In this situation it is extremely important to learn to distinguish between her caring, mutual trust and independence, and to balance them with each other.

What if the mother in law “Hypochondriac”?

This mother-in-law always complains about their imaginary ailments and does so with the intention that all the relatives surrounded her with their attention and care. However, she believes that her family will be even more United and United.

If you like this game, then surely you can play along with her. But if You’re against this, it is best to stay away from her mother in law, as frequently changing hypochondriacal mood-law is able to shatter your nerves, which can lead to the inevitable quarrels.

How to build relationships with mother-in-law “Careerist”?

For this type of mother-in-laws work in the first place, and she absorbed it. Everything else, including taking care of their own son is a minor phenomenon. She therefore with pleasure will give you all the worries about her son, if you don’t mind.

Life position-in-law ’s career girls” is that you have to do it all yourself, just like she was. For this reason, she begrudgingly will help you in difficult times, and will not seek to engage your children.

But on the other hand she will not interfere in your family. In General, to establish a relationship with a mother-in-law like this would be easy enough as it is devoid of prejudice and completely tolerant of your opinion.

What to do if your mother in law “Ideal”?

Well, what to say. You just got lucky! This mother-in-law is always happy if her son is well with you. With it you will be very free and easy, because it will never interfere in your family Affairs, and will always support you in any minute.

Even if you and your husband will quarrel, mother-in-law will take your side. Moreover, some of the blame for it she will take over, citing the fact that it was not properly took care of his son. She will be sincerely glad for small favors on your part, so often show interest and care, spoil her with gifts, because it is with love not only to his son but to You.

What would mother in law You didn’t get, always remember that it is the mother of your husband and you have to accept her. And here is how to build relationships with her mother in law, depending on her temperament and type, You already know.