What skills should your child in 3 years?
  Congratulations, you survived the "terrible turning age three!" Let's hope that you will have enough understanding and energy to enjoy what is ahead of you and your preschooler. Psychologists…

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  All parents dream that their children were good, they were happy, and most parents are aware that children must carefully educate. However, many parents do not know how practically…

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I too will teach my son how to help people… If you survive”


Fedka is extremely affectionate, gentle and bright baby. He was tortured with pain, and he is afraid of the white robes. His body turns a huge knot under skin on chest. But the horror in it, but that it is something evil with difficult to treat and very fast growing. So fast that it threatens to crush the carotid artery, deform easy… to Save the boy can only doctor from Germany. but it takes almost 30 000 euros . Look into his eyes, please. Save his life…

Photo: Dergunov Fedor, 2 years. To save the boy can only doctor from Germany, but it takes almost 30 000 euros.

From the letter Fedina mom:

“Fedor just two years, but he’s already had two surgeries to remove the tumor, which did not produce results. Lymphangioma continued to grow. Now the tumor has grown so that squeezed light. The boy urgently needs a complex operation. The clinic MEDEM, lübeck, Germany, have special equipment, which involves surgical removal of the tumor with the least risk to life Fedi. Parents have already received a bill from the clinic. The kid was lucky. A survey paid for him Charity Foundation “Children of Earth”. But after the examination, the clinic will bill for surgery and treatment. According to preliminary data, on 27-30 thousand euros. The boy’s mother from Lipetsk never collect that amount…

From her mother’s letter Fedi: “help but to call only 2 years, but he has already undergone two operations to remove lymphangioma, and both brought no relief. Lymphangioma – a special kind of benign tumor that. usually 99% of 100 gives a relapse. Doctors offer to do a third operation, but the tumor has grown and now many main vessels and nerves lie in the thickness of lymphangioma. Doctors warn that the child may die during the operation, there is a high probability of rupture of the carotid artery, which shrinks the tumor. Lymphangioma spread to the supraclavicular and infraclavicular region, went under the blade, so the motor function of the hand is questionable. The tumor went into the mediastinum and lung compresses.

The clinic MEDEM, lübeck, Germany has a special equipment, which involves surgical removal of the tumor with embolization of the vessels that leave the blood vessels unharmed. German doctors offered laser excision of the tumor with the use of the drug OK. This will allow to avoid all the “bottlenecks” with the least risk to the life of Fyodor. In place of incised lymphangioma offered to implant a “sponge with cytostatic” that prevents relapse. The cost of the diagnostic Protocol 3.5 thousand euros, the cost of medical Protocol 25,5 thousand euros. We hope to help people for whom saving the life of a child is a noble cause. In turn, promise to make every effort from my son grew up a man, who will also help other people. Sincerely, Fedya’s mother Alevtina Torshin”.



Dear readers, you very often ask you to specify the number of SMS wallet needy people to help you, just sending a message. But alas, this is impossible.

That is, to conduct an SMS campaign, you need to enter into a relationship with at least two organizations. First, it is the provider rendering services (MTS, Beeline. Megaphone, etc.) secondly, it is the content providers. Up to 40% of the profits from the SMS goes to them. Thus, lost more than half of the donated money. And those organizations that don’t want their benefactors had been missing so much from their donations, currently provedeniu “SMS-marathons” are not ready.

Although, our volunteers leave no hope ever to sign a contract with someone from operators for less “draconian” rules. And now one of the major carriers examining our conduct charity events with the help of SMS, including looking at the reliability of the content providers and transparent scheme of transferring money to the end consumer. As soon as it becomes possible, we will inform you about this possibility.