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How to get pregnant fast: 5 errors in the conception of the child


Sooner or later the dream of having a child came true, it is very important and we must not forget about their health, knowing that in order to conceive and give birth to the child . working like a clock reproductive system is very useful. If you are preparing to conceive a child . try to avoid these 6 mistakes that the expectation of the happy moment came as quickly as possible.

Reproductive health is a little more than just the absence of women’s diseases. This is a delicate system that requires the coordinated and harmonious physical, sexual, sexual, and psychological spheres of life. Unfortunately, reproductive health easy to hurt. The most common negative factors of influence are the socio-psychological problems – 50%, heredity is 20-25%, environmental conditions, work, life, bad habits, 20%, and overall health – 5-10%. Some of these factors, of course, difficult to influence, but much is still in your hands.

The problem of conception No. 1 – stress

The female body is very sensitive to external stimuli, so stress is a major cause of hormonal dysfunction. A particular risk of problems with conceiving is a female boss who literally live at work, constantly suffer from stress, fatigue and lack of sleep, as well as from a large artificial stimulants: coffee, energy drinks, sweets, etc. the Adrenal glands in such conditions are being rapidly depleted, resulting in the levels of the hormone cortisol is reduced. Cortisol has potent anti-inflammatory properties, and if its level in the body is low, wait for the surge of various infectious diseases.

What to do?

Try switching to a safe and even helpful ways to get rid of stress. Meditation, relaxing music, yoga. massage and aromatherapy will definitely help, though it will take more time than a regular Cup of coffee. Think about your priorities: all of you still do not have time, so isn’t it better to allocate a little time to create around itself a zone of psychological comfort to allocate some time for your hobby, meet friends, leisure activities.

The problem of conception No. 2 – electrical waves and synthetics

Among the objects surrounding us quite a lot of synthetic materials – clothing, carpets, furniture, linoleum, emit formaldehyde, phenol and other unwholesome substances that even in small doses, but regularly affect hormonal balance of the body adversely. Therefore, where possible, give preference to natural materials – cotton, flax, wool, wood and stone.

The second dangerous moment of everyday life is a huge variety of technology around us. To abandon it at times impossible, therefore, to avoid electromagnetic radiation we can’t either. Even scientists are concerned about the problem, because the total EM radiation equipment is much higher than the natural geomagnetic field of the Earth. Constantly acting on the body, the waves can cause mental and sexual disorders, to increase the probability of chromosomal damage in the genetic code and inhibit the work of the reproductive system.

What to do?

Not to be for long periods of time working near electrical devices, use of computers with the protective screens of the latest generation, not to put the laptop on his knees. Electrical appliances, the TV, the computer should not be in your bedroom. And, of course, spend more time outdoor activities, visit the pool, water well “washes away” the electrostatic voltage.

The problem of conception No. 3 – mobile phones

Of course, no real evidence of the health risks of mobile phones. However, no one is questioning the fact that when the cell phone electromagnetic waves penetrate the brain, and the body turns into element some of the foster system. The longer the conversations and the more often a phone to be in the search area, the more likely its impact on our body.

What to do?

Try not to wear the mobile phone on the body, i.e. neck, pockets, do not place him at the head of the bed or next to my pillow. If not necessary, do not engage in long phone conversations. If possible prefer private communication.

The problem of conception No. 4 – bad habits

Coffee and cigarettes are not a harmless habit. Doctors have proven that the coffee-lover harder to conceive, miscarriages and premature births occur more frequently and the cause is active stimulating action of caffeine on the body.

Those who smoke are risking a lot more. Cases of infertility are 9 times more likely, and 6 times more likely to have complications during pregnancy and childbirth. The baby may be born premature, painful, because the combustion products of tobacco freely penetrate the placenta, adversely affecting the process of formation of the nervous system and enzyme activity (due to allergies, and frequent colds).

What to do?

If you are thinking about pregnancy and want to conceive . urgently get rid of bad habits.

The problem of conception No. 5 – male reproductive performance

Male fertility is primarily the ability to form full and viable gametes – sperm. The process of maturation is called spermatogenesis and also depends on many factors: stress, heredity, illness, hormones. But if an illness we do not have the power to influence, but on living conditions.

What to do?

If you want from men healthy offspring, it must be protected:

Do not overfeed, obesity is one of the causes of infertility.

Teach a man to sport, moderate and regular exercise a good influence on spermatogenesis.

Do not force it psychologically: stress and chronic fatigue suppress all processes in the body.

Also doctors stress that the following factors can be instigators of male infertility:

Bad habits. Smoking causes spazmirovania and vasoconstriction, which, of course, a very negative impact on spermatogenesis. And regular consumption of alcohol can change the “genotype” of sperm. If a man was on steroids for increasing muscle mass, they need to be deleted for 3-4 months before conception.

Tight underwear. Ideally the sperm should proceed at a temperature of 1-2 degrees below the temperature of the internal organs. But the additional heat that is inevitably formed under tight underwear, interferes with the maturation process of sperm-bean curd. Apparently, “family” pants with good ventilation invented for a reason.

Hot baths. Like tight underwear damage spermatogenesis in temperature cause. Better send my husband in a warm shower and wait for positive changes in 2-3 months. Because the composition of semen, typically updated every 72-74 days.

Lubricants (lubricants). Most of the special lubricants has a toxic effect on sperm. Therefore, trying to conceive a child . discard lubricants, and it is better to increase the time of foreplay.