Explanation of how to educate children at an early age
  Know that child rearing practices are among the most important cases, because the child is what is given on storage­addition to his parents, and his pure the heart is…

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Influence of modern cartoons on the personality development of the child
  One of the objects of civilized life is the television. One of the tasks of television – to bring to view as many viewers. Typically, TV shows often aimed…

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Tips for parents


The health of your child, you play a very important role. Because you are decides what you eat in your family’s attitudes to Smoking and alcohol, how to communicate other people. The parents have the really big responsibility: they should care about the health of their children and to set a good example. Remember this continually and rejoice in the possibility of a beneficial effect on their children.

Being a parent is a big and multifaceted task.

A parent’s role is the role of man for life. The role of parents always develops together with the child. The ability to be a parent is born as a result of the relationship with the child.

Map the roles of the parents is an attempt to analyse the diverse roles of parents. This map helps to visualize the totality of all those roles, knowledge and skills of everyday life, which if necessary can each learn.

Map the roles of parents (five main functions of parents in the child’s life).

Parent – educator

The educator is a very important role in maintaining the everyday and normal family life, but also in the formation and development of the child various skills. From the point of view of the baby, the role of the educator is considered vital. Many additional roles teachers have a direct relationship with roles “setting limits” and “teacher of life”

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Error parenting


What are the main mistakes of raising children? To the education of children must be approached correctly and responsibly. Why? It is in childhood lays certain psychological problems, the solution of which will have to face an adult.There is even a nine commandments in the upbringing of the child, which is recommended by psychologists. But some parents believe that using the strongest cry you can teach your child something to do. But what happens when the kid sees an angry parent? He is very frightened, becomes uncertain. Cry better not to use, because the baby should grow up in constant fear. It is worth considering the fact that the kid whose parents for any reason fall into the Creek, already used to this behavior of the parents and may even try to provoke parental screaming.

Let’s save the crumbs from excessive attention of a stranger

Why a child is naughty. Baby tantrums are designed for the attention of the public. But if there is nobody to look at it – and we have no reason to cry. For example, if the baby starts unrestrained cry, then your best bet is just to leave the room to the toddler realized that tantrums show no one.

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Travel with kids: fun, relaxed and comfortable


Most of us try to arrive at the airport in advance: first, no one wants to be late for your flight, and secondly, there will be time to wander through Duty Free or have a snack in the cafe while waiting for your flight, or maybe just to walk around the terminal or to watch the planes on the ramp waiting for their departure. And if an adult can easily find how to pass the time, and even with the benefit of themselves, what to do travelling children? They start to act up, because either tired, thirsty, eating or sleeping, or they are simply bored from doing nothing.

But not as bad, it appears. All saw the signs at the airport “mother and child”? Until recently, to my shame, I imagined the mother and child in room 2 at 1.5 with a changing table, trash can and sink. I somehow think that the majority thinks so, too. But what I saw at the capital airport “Domodedovo” has allowed me to take another look at travel with kids – travel with comfort.

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My child too aggressive
  My child is too aggressive. Candid conversations with the psychologist parents: I Have a very aggressive child, I don't know what to do with it, "My son fights and…


How to cope with children's tears
Many women prefer to teach children mind shouting, prohibitions, even a spanking, being confident that their child will cease, at last, to misbehave. But, actually, such methods can hardly achieve…

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