All parents dream that their children were good, they were happy, and most parents are aware that children must carefully educate. However, many parents do not know how practically…

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Why parents need to read, not to love
"Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee"(ex. 20:12). Why parents need to read, but not…

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Child listens to his parents what to do, the reasons


The sun rolled into the sunset, and peas with a dry crack all bounced and bounced off the wall and with a dispassionate clatter clattered to the floor… No, I’m fine! Just wanted to find even a drop of humor in the dismal picture illustration of one of the most famous maternal sayings: “like talking to the wall”. That’s only fair, had to sigh about their child? Had! Probably every mother at least once in his life uttered the phrase, in the hearts or as a result of fruitless thought. Why our children can’t hear us, don’t want to listen?

And really – why? This question is asked moms of kids of different ages. Sometimes a simple and clear answer lies on the surface. It may well be that small (or even not so little) stubborn is not stubborn, but just can’t hear us literally, physically, although the hearing had everything in order. Why? This is not a complete list of options. And ridiculously simple methods of solving the situation.

“Happy hours are not watching!”

And enthusiastic’t see anything around! Often the child is so passionate about the game, occupation, observing, thinking that actually can’t hear anything around, including the twenty-fifth mother’s Continue reading

Why does baby cry after birth


The first cry of a baby is the most awaited sound like for a new mom, and the doctor – neonatologist. By its intensity and saturation can judge how the baby is ready to come to our world.

The primary biological importance of this screaming-crying – to prevent separation of the mother and child in the first hours after birth. This is the main reason why the baby cries after birth.

For a newborn baby crying is the only way he can tell mom about your needs before gaining the power of speech. First cry baby – cry for the protection reaction of fear and discomfort when injected into a new, unfamiliar and not very friendly environment.

What is a child in the process, and in the first moments after birth, can be compared to the feeling a person suddenly fell through the ice: disorientation, cold, shortness of breath. Add to this the feeling of compression when passing through the birth canal, and all this, after 9 months in the usual warm and cozy “cabin”. That is why, in most modern maternity wards practice putting the child to the breast immediately after birth (in the case that there is no threat to the health of the baby and mother). The baby calms down, feeling the warmth of the native body, hearing the familiar sound Continue reading

If your child is not confident, as bartica?


Learn how to talk with children — easy: requires some forethought and practice. You will be able to do it, and therefore will be able to rally your family and to prepare the child for independent problem-solving, which it will be set for life.

Today we will talk about how to raise the child’s self-confidence. Self-esteem, like love, is not amenable to a simple and accurate description. But many people have commented that more confident, when there is reason to be proud. They are convinced that they appreciate, despite its shortcomings, if others know what they are capable of, for example, to finish a difficult task.

How often your child feels worthless, stupid, “wrong”? What you pay attention when you praise your child? Some parents celebrate ability and results, others – perseverance, diligence, and effort in achieving the result.

What statements make the child more self-confident? The children praised for ability, fear of failure more than the ones being praised for what they make a lot of effort when meeting with difficulties. And, in addition, children who are praised for hard work and diligence, Continue reading