The Child and the computer. Educational computer for children
  - Dear parents! A distinctive feature of the times in which we live, is the rapid penetration of information technologies into all spheres of life. Modern children often imitate…

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Samotsennostj dependent
  The intrinsic value. Love of self. Faith in yourself. Hope. Unconditional acceptance of yourself. Conditional self-acceptance. Conditional acceptance of yourself. Unconditional acceptance of yourself. Self-sufficiency and dependence. The intrinsic…

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Error parenting


What are the main mistakes of raising children? To the education of children must be approached correctly and responsibly. Why? It is in childhood lays certain psychological problems, the solution of which will have to face an adult.There is even a nine commandments in the upbringing of the child, which is recommended by psychologists. But some parents believe that using the strongest cry you can teach your child something to do. But what happens when the kid sees an angry parent? He is very frightened, becomes uncertain. Cry better not to use, because the baby should grow up in constant fear. It is worth considering the fact that the kid whose parents for any reason fall into the Creek, already used to this behavior of the parents and may even try to provoke parental screaming.

Let’s save the crumbs from excessive attention of a stranger

Why a child is naughty. Baby tantrums are designed for the attention of the public. But if there is nobody to look at it – and we have no reason to cry. For example, if the baby starts unrestrained cry, then your best bet is just to leave the room to the toddler realized that tantrums show no one.

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How to build relationships with mother-in-law, knowing its type?


Very often it happens that the daughter-in-law doesn’t know how to build relationships with mother-in-law. Whatever ways she tried to “satisfy” her, she will always find a reason, as she seems to complain about her daughter in law.

To learn to build relations with the mother of your spouse, avoiding sharp corners, you need to first define what nature had given her nature and what type of mother she is. And then revise your “willingness” and the desire to establish these relationships.

7 types of mother-in-laws

How to find a common language with mother-in-law “the Owner”? This is the most difficult of all possible the options below, because the chances to please mother in law like this in anything is virtually nil. It is, as a rule, a single mother, bringing up her child alone, without male support and attention from the stronger sex, so for this mother’s joy in her unsettled life is his own son, which she doesn’t want to see anyone.

Any future wife initially summons outright hostility. For her only son — it’s her private property. And the marriage of her child she sees as an encroachment on its treasure.

What you do in this situation?

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