How to build relationships with mother-in-law, knowing its type?
  Very often it happens that the daughter-in-law doesn't know how to build relationships with mother-in-law. Whatever ways she tried to "satisfy" her, she will always find a reason, as…

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How to get pregnant fast: 5 errors in the conception of the child
  Sooner or later the dream of having a child came true, it is very important and we must not forget about their health, knowing that in order to conceive…

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How to raise of the son of man


To educate the boy a real man is a responsible and difficult task. But if both parents will take an active part in the formation of a child in the future will be proud of your son. There is an opinion that the boy should be brought up in austerity – only then it will grow strong and courageous. But psychologists have proven that excessive pressure and control form the child’s isolation, he becomes angry, anxious, insecure. You should not fall to the other extreme – all to indulge the kid to discourage him to the study and independence. Otherwise it will become too dependent on you and it will be difficult to defend your opinion. So you need to find a middle ground in the education of boys, he grew up to be responsible, reliable and noble man.

Respect the person in it

Your baby is still quite small, but it has its own interests and needs. You have to respect the child, to see him as a person. Try not to impose his son his opinion and problem solving, support his initiative, the desire to be independent. Own example teach your son to respect others, guarding their personal space. Remember that, despite their belonging to the strong floor, the boys are very sensitive to the cries, to punishments, they are easy to offend and hurt. So no need to overly criticize, put all sorts of restrictions Continue reading

To Maintain a good relationship with his daughter


« I am 35 years old, divorced, live alone with my daughter 16 years. My mom still pronounces me that I don’t dress like that, not everyone does it, why she didn’t call, why not come and after a couple years I could be a grandmother. Amazingly, I often place my daughter claims that for many years not in my heart to forgive his mother. How to deal with this?” To Svetlana .).

From love to hate

” One father is worth a hundred teachers. But one real mother is worth hundreds of fathers” – says the ancient Indian wisdom . I want to mention: I will not in this essay to consider a successful relationship of mother and daughter, their love, friendship, mutual affection. Each of us can cite many examples of the incredible, incomparable love of a mother to a daughter and a mother’s sacrifice for the welfare of his girls. It is known that the strongest love in the world – the love of the parent, it is often blind, sometimes even something like an animal instinct.

However, psychologists have to state the fact that so spoil the life of her child, how could a mother, who can rarely. Mothers sometimes do not realize that there must come a time when a girl should be released, Continue reading